Integrate PayPal Digital Goods Express Checkout Into Website

On April 27, 2013, in Make Money Online, by James

Once Apple introduce the in-app-purchase, purchase digital goods inside app becomes one acceptable way for users accessing videos, audios, eBooks, virtual goods easily. Therefore, in-website-purchase should be the correct way for user to purchase digital goods inside Website. PayPal released a new payment way which enable us to purchase digital goods smoothly in website.

The first time I was using the Paypal is 4 years ago. At that time, my friend and I want to create a social site using PHP and integrate the Paypal as our main payment gateway. Then, in the second time, I implemented the Paypal in my CMS site, which is an simple donation button. I think it is time to use Paypal again, because it provide a new payment way, PayPal for Digital Goods.
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Login With Remember Me By Session And Cookie

On July 15, 2014, in Other Online Technology, by James

It is funny that I always forget that how “Remember Me” works but I just keep in mind how to implement it in PHP. I think it is very necessary for me to write it down so that I can check it from time to time, in case that I forget it again. In this post, I will explain how session works in the common way and I will show you what is the difference between login with remember me and login without remember me. All example code will write in PHP.

When you visit a website in the browser, the website may assign an unique id for you in order to save all your data with this unique id. Therefore, it can restore your data when you come back next time. The unique id is called session id.

Website uses session id to identify an unique visitor. At the first time you access the website, it will generate a session id and send it back to your browser. Normally, the session id will be stored in browser cookie if your browser cookie is enabled. (Usually, the cookie is enabled in all browsers.) To make it more clear, I write an example. The following code will record your visit times in session. Each time you visit this page, it will show your how many times you have visited.
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Android Canvas Example: Draw Sprite Sheet Animation on Canvas

On July 2, 2014, in Android, by James

Android provides several ways to implement Animations. But for different situation, we have to choose different approach. For example, if we want to create a menu dropdown animation or view slider effect, we can choose Android tweened animation. It is the basic Android animation engine which animated the view’s position, size, rotation. In this article Android View Animation Example, I have talked about this. Here is another case, if we want to create a loading icon animation or a character with regular animation, Android frame by frame animation mechanism is the best choice. You can find more information in this article Android Frame Animation Example in Flappy Bird.

However, all animation mechanisms mentioned above are still not enough to cover all scenarios. For example, how can I control the frame rate in frame by frame animation? We can start or stop the frame by frame animation, but how to pause the animation. To solve these problem, I suggest we can use sprite sheet animation. In Android, we can create a sprite sheet animations by drawing frames on Canvas within SurfaceView. In this tutorial, I will show you how to draw images on Canvas within Thread frame by frame. The frame rate is controlled by thread sleeping.

sprite sheet animation in Android
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Android Frame Animation Example in Flappy Bird

On June 24, 2014, in Android, by James

When we want to create an item with continuious animation, we can use Android Frame animation. It will help us to create an animtion by showing a sequence of images in order. Its concept is similar with Sprite Sheet animation. But its frame images are saved in different png files. In this example, I will create flying flappy bird by Android Fram animation.

flappy bird animation example

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Android Animation Example: Flappy Bird Up And Down

On June 9, 2014, in Android, by James

Last week, we talk about basic Android animations and I also give several Android animation examples to explain how to apply animation on image views in Android. In this android development tutorial, I will use the same Android API to implement the flappy bird 2D animation. Flappy bird is a very simple but popular game in past few weeks. If you don’t know how flappy bird animation is, you can search on youtube or you can check my example below.

flappy bird animation example

Download And Install Example App On Your Android

You can install this android example app and try this animation example on your android device. You can click following link to start downloading or scan the QR code below to install this app directly on your android device.

Click here to download .apk file


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Android Design Business Tips for Beginner

On May 31, 2014, in Android, Make Money Online, by James

These days, designing can be done with ease by using today’s modern technology. Unlike in the old days, you don’t need to draw images merely using pen and pencil. Today, you can create images in perfect shapes and design on your own PC. That’s where android technology comes very useful. This “robotic” technology is designed by Google which resembles or even exceeds human capabilities. Such type of operating system is used on mobile devices which can be employed in many ways, of which designing is one of them.

You can’t just jump into Android design business without knowing it and trying it out by yourself. When you have developed the skill to use it, you can start making money from your design business. Android operating system can be used to design applications. There are several important things that you need to remember when you start your android design business.
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