If you have a website, it’s better to move it on the mobile as well. In a new mobile media report which is asserted by InMobi, consumers today spend nearly 60% of their time on the internet by mobile devices, comparing with their desktop or laptop. It is quite necessary to create a mobile version website or even a mobile app which serves the same functions as your website on mobile device.

There are lots of friends asking me for help to build a mobile website. The most difficult problem for them is they don’t have any mobile development experiences, though they are experts in building and running websites with WordPress templates. Since I already built an Android App for my website which is also powered by WordPress, I can share some experience with you.

Why Using Android App Template

To make your website to be able to running perfectly on mobile device, you can design your website UI in responsive way. There are lots of responsive WordPress templates all over the internet. This is simplest way to make your desktop website compatible with mobile devices. However, it is very hard in the future customization. For example, you may want to change some layout on your website, but it will also affect the look and feel on mobile devices. Sometimes, it will make whole website layout messy on mobile devices even it looks very nice on desktop or laptop screen.

Alternatively, you can build an Android app to move whole website on mobile devices, without any changes on your old website UI and design. In this way, there is no any side effect when you want to make any changes in both side.

Native Android app has some features that mobile website doesn’t have, for example, the push notification. When you publish an article on your website, your native Android app can get notification immediately.

Build Android Mobile App With Template

If you are running your website by WordPress, or your website provides a RSS feed, you can leverage the benefit of rss to easily build an Android app for your own website with my mobile website template. I am using this template to build my own website Android app. You can use the same template to build yours.

How Android Mobile App Template Looks Like

Currently, I am using this Android Mobile App template to create the Android App version of my website. You can go to the Google Play and search “WordPress Website App Template JMSLIU”. Or you can follow below links to get the app.

Download APK File And Install Manually

New Update Version 6.3:

  • We add push-notification in the app. So when there is a new article published on your website, the app will get notification from your website.
  • We make the app easily customized.

How to Use The Template

My Android Mobile App template is high standardized so that it is compatible with all WordPress based websites. To build Android app for your website, you need to:

  • Install the JMS Rss Feed WordPress plugin in your website;
  • Download my Android Mobile App template zip file
  • Change the website url to your own website
  • Build and deploy your Android App in Google Play

Get Full Service at $49.99

With $49.99, we will help you set up a website with WordPress, install our latest plugin, and configure the app to work with your website properly. For more information, please contact us for your request.

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