Change CheckBox Style in Flex 3

On June 19, 2012, in Flash Flex AIR, by James Liu

These days, I am working on a new Flex 3 project. Since new Flex SDK 4.6 was released several months ago, it is very hard to find any resources for Flex 3, especially for the Flex 3 Skin tutorials. All Flex 3 components are using the halo theme styles. After Flex 4.0, the new spark theme styles are involved and the process to customize skin become much more flexible. The spark theme styles allow programmer to change more styles, but it also becomes more complicated to create and apply new style. Changing checkbox style in Flex 3 is a very simple job. If you know how to change Button style in Flex 3, there will not be any problems for you to change CheckBox style.

When you create the component style in flash and export to swc file, we can using following code to change Button style:

	skin: Embed(skinClass="ShortButton");

To change Checkbox Style in Flex, we can apply the style by following css code:

	icon: Embed(skinClass='myCheckBox');

Please pay attention on the css attribute. The checkbox style attribute is “icon” and the button style attribute is “skin”.

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