“Hello world”, it is a very famous word in the programming world. Why do i use it as start of my first post? Because i’m a programmer.

As a programmer, I look forward to have a free style life. I want to sleep late and code at night, and wake up at 10 am instead of 7 am. I want to work any where I want, because for programming job, you just need a laptop and internet to start your work.

It may happen for rare people, but for many of us, it just happens in the movie. The fact is many programmers work in the office. As professional as you can, you need to wake up early, wear well, and reach your office seat at 9 o’clock. And you must stay in the office whole the day, even you have nothing to do. But if you are busy, excuse me, you need OT. And the next day, you just follow the rules and repeat the things.

Many friends told me that they were sick of this kind of job. They don’t want to repeat the same software testing in the whole year. They don’t want to fix the bug day after day. They don’t want to be replaced by young person because their technical skill is out of date and the company don’t need him any more.

I’m also a programmer. And I’m facing with the same problems. I also want to find a solution to solve this problems, so I can live peacefully and don’t need to worry about losing job one day. This is the reason why I want to create this website. I will write down all what I have done and what I will do to make money via application development instead of monthly salary. Just try to become your own boss. And the following are what I am doing now.

  • Developing Flex Applications as my current job.
  • Learning and trying to monetize tablet applications.
  • Building websites and make money from website.

In the future post, I will talk about how I make money from website.

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