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On November 7, 2012, in Android, Make Money Online, by James Liu

In last post, I mentioned that there are three factors to affect your free apps income which are using AdMob as their first monetization method. One of the three factors is CPC, Cost per click, which indicates the amount we can earn from a user clicks on the ad each time in the apps. The CPC is depending on the advertisers’ decision. Some advertisers are willing to put more budgets on their ads to increase the chance to display. As developers, we cannot control which ads we are showing because all the ads are returned by AdMob. But we can predict the high CPC ads from some certain industries. There are some industries providing very high CPC ads. For example, the advertisers from financial industry always pay a lot on their ads. Therefore, if your apps are severing for financial features, you will get high CPC ads for sure.

What’s the common CPC in AdMob

I have created several android apps for testing how efficient AdMob can perform. Because my apps don’t provide any useful features, I didn’t submit them to Google Play App store. I host them on my website and let people who are interested in this experiments to download and install. So the impression value is slow. In the AdMob report, we can treat Requests as impression. Here are the report for my AdMob revenue.


AdMob CPC Experiment Auguest to November

The app impress ads for 2056 times in the last 3 month. In this period of time, the CTR is 3.16%. There are 65 clicks and all of them help me make $0.62. The CPC, revenue divided by number of clicks, is $0.009, less than $0.01. It is a dramatically low. But there are something I am still not very clear. But some friends of mine said that their apps can get $0.10 to $0.15 CPC. I doubt about it, because there is no AdMob screen shot evidence. Anyway, I still hope it can be true. Otherwise, there is no sense to do free apps.

Using AdMob Mediation to Boost Your Ads Revenue

One of my friend told me that he was successfully boost his CPC from $0.10 to $0.12 to $0.25 by using AdMob mediation. Using AdMob Mediation is a way to increase the fill rate. From my experiment, you can see that my ads fill rate is around 99%. It will give you more chance to fill the ads from other ad network if there is no suitable ad from AdMob. To implement the AdMob mediation, you need to include the admob mediation library, the libraries and mediation adapter library for each network in your project.

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