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On October 31, 2013, in Android, Make Money Online, by James Liu

When we want to release an app to sell, how much to sell it is always the problem we are facing all the time. Someone says it doesn’t matter because the sales will be good if the app is great and useful. I really doubt about it. The following example will show you the price really does matter the sales.

This is one of my Android app sales report. It is a very simple app which I am not pay too much attention on marketing it. I published it at my website page two months ago. I priced it as $9.99. After one month, there are 313 people have viewed this products, and I got only one sales. Here is the sale data for you to refer.

App View in July

App View in July

Sales Report in July
App Views 313
App Trial Installation 29
App Sales at $9.99 1
Sales Conversion Rate %0.3

To increase the sales, there are several ways. If your app is really valuable indeed, decreasing the price will be the most efficient way. Secondly, increasing exposure will be another way. Let’s say if your conversion rate is keeping the same, more visitors means more sales. If all these two ways failed, I guess you have to reconsider your app value proposition.

Please keep in mind that people only buy something which can solve their problems. You can get this conclusion from the conversion rate. The acceptable conversion rate is between 1% to 5%, the bigger the better. Usually, the price will affect the conversion rate a lot. If you give a very low price, but your conversion rate is still very low. Then, you have to check if your app has any problems.

In my example, I take both actions I have mentioned above. I have cut the price to 5.99, almost 40 percent off. To increase the exposure, I keep updating my sales page with answering the comment. I also fix some bugs in the app, to make it more stable and improve the usability. After all these actions, I find that my sales increased in August.

App View in August

App View in August

Sales Report in August
App Views 406
App Trial Installation 38
App Sales at $5.99 6
Sales Conversion Rate %1.4
App View in September

App View in September

Sales Report in September
App Views 415
App Trial Installation 21
App Sales at $5.99 5
Sales Conversion Rate %1.2

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