In this article, I will introduce 6 favorite ajax html spinner animations. You can download the best free AJAX spinner you like and use it in your own html website. Here are two types of animations available, gif animation and sprite sheet animation.

  • GIF animation is the most common animation used in html page, but you cannot control or interact with GIF animation.
  • Sprite sheet animation is a classic animation in game industry. You can control it by javascript and animate the loading progress as well. You can also create your own images and use them as loading spinner animation by replacing the image I used in sprite sheet animation. See HTML5 Ajax Loading Spinner

6 GIF AJAX Loading Spinner

GIF animation is enough for normal usage. It is simple to integrate in your HTML page. You can download the following free GIF loading spinner and use <img> tag to show them in your website.

6 Sprite Sheet AJAX Loading Spinner

Sprite sheet animation in HTML is an alternative way to show loading spinner on your website. Better than GIF animation, you can control the sprite sheet animation by playing, pausing, and stopping. You can also control the animation speed by Javascript. Here are the 6 sprite sheet AJAX loading animation examples.

Download the Source Code

If you want to use these loading spinner animation in your html page, please leave a replay and I will reply the source code and animation resource download link here.

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