Without Google Play account, you can still monetize your Android App with Admob. It is because the Admob account doesn’t have any relationship with Google Play account, though both of them belong to Google. Google Play is just a distribution channel for you to release your app in front of millions of Android users. Google Play can provide you a huge number of downloads and installations. Without it, you lost the oppotunity to make money from Google Play, but you can still release your app in other platform, for example, a website.

Monetize Your App With Admob

Different from iPhone Apps or iPad Apps, you can install the Android App without Google Play. That’s why you still can monetize Android apps with Admob if your Google Play account is getting banned. I don’t have Google Play account(I didn’t register it, not being banned) and I release all my Android example apps on my website. To make my users to download and install the app easier, I provide QR code. So my users can scan it with QR scanner and download the apps to their Android device directly. Here are some examples:

If your Google Play account is getting banned, you may try this way to make your Android app alive. If you have a valid Admob account, you can still make money with your apps without Google Play.

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