It is all well and good having a stationary background on our Android device. However, Android can do so much better than this. We have the ability to make that home screen come alive with animated wallpapers. They look absolutely stunning! So I decide to create my own Android live wallpaper app and share all example source code after I finish it. I may write some tutorials about how to create Android Live Wallpaper apps. Before that, I have found several free Android Live Wallpaper apps out there at the moment. I want to share with you ten of my favorite.

Koi Free Live Wallpaper

I love this free wallpaper app and use it on my Google Nexus all of the time. With this wallpaper you will be treated to a few Koi carp happily swimming around a pond. If you tap them you will be able to feed them!

Photile Live Wallpaper

This application will allow you to create your own live wallpaper. It can turn any picture into a ’tiled’ image which will just float around and do all sorts of weird twists and turns. This is a great way to inject a bit of life into your otherwise stationary imagery.

Beautiful Live Weather

I love this application because it sort of resembles the weather in the location that you currently are in. If it is sunny outside, there will be a sun on the screen. If it is night time, then expect to see a moon. It is quite dynamic.

Water Drops Live Wallpaper

There is nothing more relaxing than looking at a few water drops (in my opinion at least!) With this application you will be able to simulate the look of water drops hitting a pool just by tapping the screen. You will actually be surprised at just how much fun it is.

Amazing Spiderman Live Wallpaper

You have to admit, superheroes are pretty big right now. So why not get a live wallpaper based around them? With this application you will be treated to a 3D rendering of the greatest superhero’s face with New York has his backdrop. As day turns into night, you will notice the backdrop changes color. It is quite breathtaking actually.

Balloons Live Wallpaper

Fancy turning your wallpaper into a bit of a game? Well, you have to download this application then! Balloons will float across your screen. You can tap them to pop them.

Fireworks Live Wallpaper

With this application you will be able to tap various parts of the screen to let fireworks off. It is quite a basic wallpaper, but again, you are going to get huge amounts of fun from it.

Neon Clock GL Live Wallpaper

This is an incredibly sophisticated free wallpaper. With this you will have an analog clock (which displays the correct time as your background!) with plenty of other bits of information on your device. This includes your calendar, battery levels, CPU measurements, and a compass. This is certainly one of those things for the more technologically minded out there.

Pixel Rain Live Wallpaper

Sometimes it is the simplest wallpapers that are the best. With this application, pixel rain will fall from the sky and then hit the ground. It is completely customizable. It even has sound effects!

Love Critters Lite

I am going to round off this list with this fantastic free app for those who are looking for a little bit more love in their life. With this app enabled, various critters will declare their love in the background! It is incredibly cute.

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