I have worked on adsense sites for almost six months. And I already have seven sites, including this one. But the result is not as good as what I expect. Currently i have only two sites which can earn money, and other sites are all hibernating now. I already spent near $2000, and not break even yet. I have to say, this approche is quite difficult for beginners. And now I can understand why some many people give up. But it is the truth that only 20% of players will win the game like this, maybe less.

But I still strongly believe it is possible to build sites which can earn $1000 per month, especially with my friends help and his articles. I write this post is try to remind me about some key points after I read my friend Aaron’s article “backlink long tail keywords“. Here I don’t want to explain what’s are long tail and long tail keywords. I just want to record some tips that I need to remember when I carry out my own website.

Why long tail keywords are so important for websites?

If you know long tail theory, you will truly understand why long tail keywords are so important. If not, I recommend to read the book “Long Tail” by Chris Anderson. To make it simple, the long tail keywords will bring you 60%-80% traffic if you are in the right track. And it will reduce the risk if your main keywords ranking goes down.

How to find long tail keywords?

All these tips are from Aaron’s blog. I paste them here in case I can not find in the future.

      Google adword keywords tool
      Google suggest
      Google insight

And there are some Aaron’s suggestions to make long tail keywords:

“for”: this to get a list of keywords that tells you who is the receiving user of the keywords e.g. “ebook readers for kids”

“under”: this will give you a list of prices that users are willing to buy

“in”: this is a location based keyword that is really important if you targeting geo based ads

“w”: this is a funny one. by adding a w and a space between the w and your keyword, google might give you a list of question based keywords such as “where to buy ebook reader” or “who sells ebook readers” etc

How to make backlink for long tail keywords?

Make backlink for all long tail keywords is impossible. Some we need to filter the long tail keywords and make backlink for valuable ones.

High potential: If the long tail keyword is ranked in page two, and generate consistent clicks (1-5, don’t know if it is the ad clicking), or total traffic about 10 to 30 per week, this long tail keyword will be worth to making backlink till it is ranked in number one.

Contain Main Keyword: Give at least 1-2 backlinks for those keywords who contain the main keywords.

High CPC: the keywords who can create high CPC like $5 or $10 per click will be worth to try. (Try means it is not proved to have a constantly effect I think.)

All these tips are very helpful for a beginner, and all these tips originally from What are long tail keywords How to backlink long tail keywords

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