Nook Color can install Android 3.0 now. It’s not exactly official, but you can follow the steps to get a prefect Android 3.0 tablet.

If you want to install android 3.0 in Nook color, please backup your nook data first. Then, what u need is a Nook color ebook reader, a 4GB MicroSD Card (8GB microSD Card is preferred). Then, let’s step by step, to get our honeycomb in Nook color.

  • Download Patched Android 3.0 System Image, and unzip the image  on your computer.

Http Download (3.5GB):


  • Insert your SD card in the computer. The preferred size is 8GB. Some say 4GB card get problem during burning image, but it still works.
  • Burn the Android 3.0 image in sd-card.

PC Users:

Download WinImage, and under ‘Disk’ choose “Restore Virtual Image to Physical Drive.” Change the files shown at the bottom to “all files” and select the android image file.

Mac Users:

Unmount the SD driver by below command in terminal window:

diskutil unmountDisk /dev/disk#
(replace # with your number. Do NOT use the disk#s)

The computer should say: Unmount of all volumes on disk was successful. Then type the below command to write the image to sd card:

dd if=nookhoney04.img of=/dev/rdisk# bs=1m

  • Turn off the Nook Color, and insert the sd-card. Then, it will boot into Android 3.0.

In next post, I will show you how to install the Android Market in you Nook Color Android 3.0 Tablet.

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  1. Has this download actually worked for anyone? I need to know before I try it. I’m not a computer expert. Just enjoy my Nook Color and would like to improve it. Thanks1

  2. If I install this update, is it permanent? Will I be able to revert to what is currently on my Nook Color in the event of a problem?

    1. It’s better to backup your original image before rooting. There are two ways to backup:

      • using clockwork to backup
      • using Android Debug Bridge (adb) command line tool

      You can also find more information on backup nook color

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