Flash CS5.5 Android Development

On May 8, 2011, in Android, Flash Flex AIR, by James Liu

Flash CS5.5 natively supports android development now. That’s a very good news for flash developers. Because, the flash programmers can development one project and deploy it in multiple platforms like iphone, ipad, android, and playbook. You can ready another post Flash Games on Android Example to see how simple to make a flash games on android. Here I just talk about some features for android development.

  • AIR 2.6 SDK

Latest AIR 2.6 SDK is integrated in Flash CS5.5 now, so that flash developers can use all the new features in AIR 2.6 in Android Applications. The feature in AIR 2.6, you can check my previous post Adobe AIR 2.6 Release For Android And iOS.

  • Android Project Support

In Flash CS 5.5, it provides a new publish target, AIR for Android. In previous version, Flash CS5, it needs to install Adobe AIR for Android extension to develop the android application. Now, this extension is integrated in to Flash CS 5.5, flash developers can directly create the flash project for android, and publish and deploy the application on Android device.

  • Debug Application on Device

Now the flash developers can directly debug flash application in Android device. It just needs to select “on Device via USB” in the Debug Movie menu, and keep the same setting as in Android native development.

You can get the latest Flash CS5.5 here: Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5 Trail

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