New Review: Dragon Touch 10 Inches Tablet with USB Port Under $100

If you are trying to search for the best androids tablet under $100, then I have to suggest this android tablet, Dragon Touch. You may never hear about this brand before. But it already has 14 tablet products including android tablets and windows tablets. Dragon Touch tablets are mainly in 7 inch and 10 inch. All of them are equipped with fast quad core cpu and high resolution screen. To be surprised, all dragon touch android tablets are under $100.

Dragon Touch Android Tablets Review 2015

Dragon Touch has 14 tablets. The best sellers are Y88X, K7, and A1X. The first two are 7 inch android tablets and the A1X is 10 inch. The 2015 new model is A1X plus and it is the best 10 inch tablet worth to buy, compare with other tablets in the same class such as NeuTab N7 Pro or Pronto Tec 7.

In 2015, Dragon Touch has released three new Android tablets, 7 inch Quad Core Android Kids Tablet (Y88X with Red Silicone Case), A1X Plus 10.1 Quad Core, and M10X 10 Quad Core. The most popular Dragon Touch Android tablets is still the Y88X 7 inch Quad Core.

Resolution CPU Memory Storage Price
Dragon Touch Y88X 7″ Quad Core HD 1024×600 4×1.2GHz 512MB 8GB $49.99
Dragon Touch Android Kids Tablet HD 1024×600 4×1.2GHz 512MB 8GB $59.99
Dragon Touch A1X Plux 10 Quad Core HD 1024×600 4×1.3GHz 1GB 16GB $99.99
Dragon Touch M10X 10 Quad Core unkonwn unkonwn unkonwn unkonwn unkonwn


Dragon Touch Y88X 7″ Quad Core Review

The 49.99 dollars 7 inch tablet Dragon Touch Y88X is amazing. It has a quad core cpu, 4×1.2GHz processors which provide a powerful ability to play the most 3D games HD movies. It is very light, only 0.57 pounds. As my opinion, it is my baseline tablet. It only has 512MB Ram and 8GB flash storage. But 512MB Ram is pretty much enough to handle the most of things. For daily usage or for kids, this android tablet is very well done and very quick. I will recommend this budget tablet.

USB Port on Tablet

The USB port is the standard design for Android Tablets. Nowadays, almost every android tablets have a micro USB port which is different from USB port on your PC or laptop. Let’s say if you want a tablet with normal USB port to connect your USB mouse, USB keyboard, or USB thumb drive, it is totally not a problem.

What you need is just a Micro USB to USB OTG Host Adapter. This adapter is only $4.99. After connecting USB OTG adapter with your android tablet, now you can now use your USB mouse and keyboard.

USB OTG Host Adapter

Find a Tablet for Kids

The Gragon Touch Y88X is a phenomenal android tablet because of its CPU, memory, storage, and price under 100 dollars. If you want to buy a tablet for your kids. Gragon Touch Y88X is the one. It is able to meet all needs of your kids. If you have several kids at home, you can buy one tablet for each kid just because of the affordable price.


Buy Android Kids Tablet Cheaper on Amazon

In 2015, Gragon Touch is released a new tablet which is specifically designed for kids and parents. The Gargon Touch 7 inch Android kids tablet has Zoodles pre-installed. With the tablet, kids can have their own personal teacher. Inside Zoodles, kids can find lots of fun and educational games and videos. To protect against drops and bumps, Gargon Touch 7 inch Android kids tablet comes with kid-proof case. It is made of environment friendly soft silicone material, harmless to health.

Tablet with HDMI Port

Are you looking for tablet with HDMI port? I believe that it may take you a long time to search. As HDMI port is not the standard specification for common tablets (different from micro USB port). Therefore, it is very hard to find a tablet with HDMI port, or they are very expensive. If you want to own a tablet with HDMI port under 100 dollars, Dragon Touch A1X Plus will be the best choice.

Read Dragon Touch A1X Plus Reviews

Dragon Touch A1X Plus 10 inch Android tablet has a Mini HDMI port. You can connect your tablet with TV with a HDMI cable. You will not believe how good it works and looks on HD TV.

In 2016, there is a new 10 inch Android tablet with HDMI port, Dragon Touch X10. It has 10 inches IPS screen, 8 core up to 2.0 GHz CPU, 16GB internal storage, and 1GB RAM. Furthermore, it has a full size usb port and mini HDMI port.


Do You Know What is Mini HDMI?
Just wait for a moment. Before you decide to connect the tablet with your HDTV with HDMI cable, please pay attention on this topic. Dragon Touch A1X is equipped with a Mini HDMI port. It is different from normal HTML port on your HDTV or monitor. It is smaller than normal one. So you need a HDMI to mini-HDMI cable, which is only $13.

Buy Mini-HDMI to HDMI Cable Cheaper on Amazon

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  1. I have a apple macbook pro, but it is too heavy when I am travelling, would the Dragon Touch A1X Plux 10 Quad Core HD 1024×600 4×1.3GHz 1GB 16GB $99.99 be suitable for me to run USB VLC movies from a hard drive, check emails and do baniking?

    1. Yes, A1X is enough. If you want to run USB VLC movies, you have to purchase a USB OTG adapter cable. Another solution is copying your movie in the micro-sd card. It will let your battery lasting longer.

  2. Hi I purchased 2 Y88x for my nieces and both failed within a month period.
    the first one just constantly goes into a kind of constant reboot state.
    the second one just froze a couple of days ago and doesn’t rect to any key up to now.
    just have to let the battery drain by itself.
    what could be the problem?
    I only visited the youtube site

    1. Really? My Y88x has been working great and I have not got any problems. Several month ago, I also bought their new model, Dragon Touch X10, which has bigger screen and more powerful performance. Now, I am using the new model, and my younger brother is using Y88x and he is very happy. If you really has problem with Y88x, as I know they offer 1 year warranty, I think you’d better to contact with customer support instead of watching video to fix the problem by yourself.

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