NeuTab 7 Inch Android Tablet Review 2016

On April 29, 2015, in Android Phone and Tablet, by James Liu

Update 2016:
In 2016, if you want to own a powerful Android tablet under 100, you have a better choice now. The Fire tablet, which is from Amazon, is starting shipping for $49.99.

Fire tablet has 7 inch display, 1GB RAM and 8GB internal storage, which is newer and more powerful than NeuTab 7 inch Android tablet.

Get it cheaper on Amazon

If you are trying to buy an Android tablet under 100 with fully functional, then you can consider this tablet, NeuTab 7 Inch Android tablet or its sibling NeuTab 7 Pro. NeuTab 7 is one of the best budget android tablets which has dual camera, HDMI port, and USD 2.0 port. This budget tablet has good specs and an even better price tag to match. With this dirt cheap price, NeuTab 7 is fully functional to handle any app or game.

If you want to buy an Android tablet under 100 dollars soon, I highly recommend you the NeuTab 7 Pro, the upgrade version of NeuTab 7. It is first released in 2015, with quad core processor which is 70% faster than the older version NeuTab 7. Most importantly, it is better than old version, but even cheaper. It only cost $49.99 and you will get a fully functional android tablet with quad core processor, dual camera, and full usb port. Now, let’s see what you can get with NeuTab 7 Pro.

Resolution CPU Memory Storage Price
NeuTab N7 HD 1024×600 2×1.2GHz 512MB 4GB $78.99
NeuTab N7 Pro HD 1024×600 4×1.2GHz 512MB 8GB $49.99
Fire 7″ Tablet HD 1024×600 4×1.3GHz 1GB 8GB $49.99

Get it cheaper on Amazon

To be the cheapest Android tablet, NeuTab N7 Pro is doing a great job. With quad core processor, NeuTab N7 Pro give a smooth experience when you are running most of common Android apps and Android games. It is 3D game supported according to its specs. It is hard to against hardcore game tablets anyway. Even though it only has 512MB memory which is very common for any budget tablets under 100, it is able to meet all our daily needs like checking email, browsing website, watching HD movies, connecting with your friends on Facebook. Now let’s take a close look on this tablet.

Budget Android Tablet with Dual Camera
It’s very hard to find a tablet under $100 but coming with dual camera. But NeuTab N7 Pro does. It has front and rear camera just like any other powerful tablets.

Does It Has HDMI Port?
I think this is the only shortage of NeuTab N7 Pro. The old version NeuTab 7 has a HDMI port, but Pro 7 doesn’t have.
NeuTab N7 vs N7 Pro

Does It Support USB Mouse and USB Keyboard?
Yes. It has a 2.0 micro-USB port. You can connect your USB mouse or USB keyboard with it by a USB OTG HOST Adpater. You can find this adapter on Amazon, only cost about $4.00 each.


USB OTG Host Adapter

Is There Any Colour To Choose?
NeuTab N7 Pro Android Tablet comes with 3 colour, black, witch and pink.

Does This Tablet Support SD Card?
Both NeuTab N7 and N7 Pro have TF card slot, as known as micro SD card slot. The micro SD card slot on both android tablets allows you to add up to 32GB extra space to store songs, videos, photos, and other files.

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14 Responses to “NeuTab 7 Inch Android Tablet Review 2016”

  1. jessie says:

    I have purchased several SD cards and none of them fit I have big size and small size Can anyone tell me what I need to get for this NeuTab 7

    • James Liu says:

      Where do you get the NeuTab 7? Usually NeuTab should support most of the normal micro-sd card. If you insert your micro-sd card in the machine, it will recognise the card automatically. If not, you can ask the vendor for support.

  2. William says:

    The N 7 Pro has the worst battery i have ever seen

    • James Liu says:

      Now N7 is not sold any more. I recommend Fire, the 7 inch Tablet from Amazon. Compare with N7, Fire give more powerful CPU, more RAM (memory), but the same price. And according to the official data, the batter in Fire tablet is very good, can last 7 to 8 hours reading and watching movie.

  3. José Luis Martinez says:

    I have a Neutab N7S PRO with 32 GB micro SD but I can not move apps to this card. How can I do that?. Thanks.

    • James Liu says:

      The default android system provides you a easy way to move your app to SD card, though not all apps are able to move to SD card. But you can follow these steps to have a try:

      1. Open settings on your phone
      2. Tap Application Manager
      3. Select an app you want to move to the SD card
      4. Tap the Move to SD Card button
      5. Done
  4. boyce says:

    I bought a dragon touch x10 from .I bought mine in place of a dedicated e-reader, and I’m well pleased with it so far in that role. It handily runs the board game apps that I prefer, gives me a great portable platform for audio books and video, and will give me a good alternative for browsing the inter-webs when I don’t care to lug my laptop around. In all, excellent value for the money.

  5. john feller's says:

    My neutab. Stats with my winner and feezese why

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