Microsoft Surface Tablets Review 2015

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The Microsoft surface is the flagship tablet product to conquer the tablet market, mainly against the iPad from Apple and Android tablets from Google. In 2015, Microsoft has released the Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3. Surface 3 is a 10 inch Windows tablet and Surface Pro is a 12 inch tablet with high screen resolution as well. Both of them are truly powerful to give you a better experience on tablet. Surface are considered as the best Windows tablets. This windows tablet just work like a laptop which is running windows, but it performs better than a laptop. The Surface windows tablet gathers the productivity features you need, has a long battery life and comes with a cheaper price than laptops.

We are using Microsoft Windows for more than 30 years. Now, Microsoft Surface enables us to use Windows on tablet, the same experience or even better experience. When you are using Windows tablet, you are able to use all Windows desktop software like Office Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, and Photoshop on tablet. Microsoft Surface moves your experience from laptop to tablet seamlessly.

Resolution CPU Memory Storage Price
Surface (10 inch) 1920 x 1280 4×2.4GHz 2GB/4GB 64GB/128GB $499/$599
Surface Pro 3 2160 x 1440 4×1.2GHz 4GB/8GB 128GB/512GB $1100

Surface Pro

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To keep the same experience as laptop, Surface is using Quad Core Intel Atom x7 processor. The speed is up to 2.4GHz, almost the same as a laptop processor. Surface has two version for you to choose. One is build-in 2GB memory with 64GB flash storage. Another one is build-in 4GB memory with 128GB storage. With this kind of specs, Surface already defeat most tablets in the market.

Surface Pro Powerful Windows Tablet To Replace Laptop

Are you planning to replace your old laptop? Then you’d better to consider Surface Pro 3. It is a tablet which is running Windows and have the same specs with laptops. Furthermore, it is lighter and thinner. Surface Pro 3 is a tablet, but it has 4th gen Intel Core processor. You can choose 4GB memory or 8GB memory. In the storage perspective, Surface Pro 3 has 65GB, 128GB, 256GB or 512GB to choose. The highest performance tablet will be Microsoft Surface Pro with Intel Core i7 cpu, 8GB memory and 512GB storage.

The Best Tablet with Full Size USB 3.0 Port

tablet with usb port
Surface and Surface Pro are the only tablets in the world which has a full size USB port. Both of them has the latest 3.0 USB port on the right side. Therefore, we can connect most of the usb decide to windows tablet, without any micro USB to USB adapter.

USB 3.0 is the latest USB standard with 625MB/s transfer speed. You can connect any portable hard drive or flash drive to extend your storage. The full size USB port makes it easy to copy photos, mp3, movies or any other type of file into the tablet or into a portable hard drive.

Another benefit of full USB port is that you can connect the USB mouse or USB keyboard to your tablet. All these ability make Surface tablet more like a laptop and better than a laptop.

Tablets with SD Card Slot

Both Surface and Surface Pro has a microSD card slot. So you can easily extend the storage size by inserting a 64GB microSD card. And the microSD card is only $30 around.


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