If you want to find a cheap eBook reader, then you shall choose Kindle. It is the only answer many questions. It is the best and cheapest ebook reader in the world. Before I may not have the right to claim it, but now I have after my wife bought one from Amazon. When the wife want to buy some electronic devices, she will ask her husband to research and help her to find the right one. Just like many husbands, I take this responsibility after my wife want to have an ebook reader. I heard about Kindle before, but there are lots of confusion on Kindle like “is it a tablet” or “is it the same as Kindle Fire”. I think many people will have this kind of problems. I will share my opinions on kindle and I hope it will help you to understand more about Kindle before you decide to buy.

Kindle is Not a Tablet

Kindle is not a tablet. It is a simple device which gives you a better reading experience on device. Kindle is designed only for reading. It has a touch screen. But its touch screen display reads more like real paper. Kindle is invented to enable you reading everywhere. Different from paperback books, it is light to fit in your pocket. So you can bring thousands of books along with you. Kindle has long battery life. With one fully charged, the battery can last weeks. If you like reading, Kindle is the best for you.

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What Different Between Kindle and Tablet

Kindle looks like a tablet, but it is not a tablet. There are lots of difference between Kindle and tablets. Their purpose is different. Kindle is mainly for reading, but tablet is for entertainment, though you can also read books on tablets. A tablet has more functions than Kindle. For example, you can listen music on tablet, watch movie on tablet, play games on tablet, or chat with your friends on tablet. But you cannot do these stuffs on Kindle. Here, I list the main difference between Kindle and tablets.

  • Kindle is much cheaper than tablets
  • Kindle is specifically designed for reading.
  • Kindle has built-in dictionary. You can use it when you are reading. For all tablets, you need to download dictionary apps by yourself. If you need the dictionsary, you need to exit your reading app first.
  • Kindle has a glare free screen, which makes reading like on a real paper.
  • Kindle uses actual ink particles technology to create text similar to what we can see in a physical book.
  • Kindle has longer battery life than tablets. It can last 4 weeks with one fully charging.

Even though there are lots of difference between Kindle and tablets, you can still find something that both of them can do. Both Kindle and tablets have thousands of free book titles to choose. Both of them has built-in wifi capability, so you can download the books directly from stores. Except Kindle Format 8 (AZW3) and Kindle (AZW) format, both of them support Txt, PDF, unprotected MOBI, PRC natively, HTML, Doc, Docx, jpeg, gif, png. One important thing, both Kindle and tablets have webkit-based browser.

Now I will talk about what tablets can do, but Kindle cannot. The list will be huge and I will only list some important features available on normal tablets.

  • You can listen music on tablets;
  • You can watch HD movies on tablets;
  • You can play games on tablets;
  • You can chat with friends on tablets;
  • Most of tablets has camera;
  • All tablets has full color screen, but Kindle only has 16-level gray scale screen. You can only see black and which on Kindle.
  • Kindle doesn’t have light but all other tablets have. So you cannot read with Kindle in dark. (Some kindle has built-in backlight, now you can also read with Kindle in dark. See below.

Looking for Best e-Reader 2017

If you are searching for the best e-reader, I can sure you that Kindle is the best. It is only deigned for reading, no other distractions. Without unnecessary features, Kindle is afford for everyone who want to read. Here are some reasons why Kindle is best for reading:

  • The unique e-ink technology makes you Kindle’s screen reading like real paper. Different from tablets reflective screen, Kindle does not have screen glare, even under bright sunlight.
  • Kindle is designed for reading, its battery can last for weeks, not days.
  • Kindle is lighter than a paperback, especially when you take several books.
  • Kindle is only designed for reading. Therefore, there is no distractions such as email, text messages or social updates notifications when you are reading.
  • Kindle provides thousands of titles from new releases and bestsellers.
  • You can purchase very cheap books in Kindle, from over a million titles at $2.99 or less

5 Types of Kindles in 2017, which one is suitable for me?

I don’t like thousand words buying guide, I guess neither you do. In 2017, Amazon prepare 5 types of Kindles for us to choose. They try their best to meet every reader’s needs, but I will try my best to help you figure out the most suitable one in 5 minutes.

Kindle Kindle Paperwhite Kindle Voyage All-New Kindle Oasis Kindle for Kids
View on Amazon View on Amazon View on Amazon View on Amazon View on Amazon
$79.99 $119.99 $199.99 $249.99 $99.99
The normal kindle The normal kindle with:

  • Built-in adjustable light
  • Higher resolution
The normal kindle with:

  • Built-in adjustable light
  • Higher resolution
  • Extra physical button to turn page by pressing
    The normal kindle with:

  • Built-in adjustable light
  • Higher resolution
  • Extra physical button to turn page by pressing
  • Bigger Screen
  • Waterproof
  • Audible
The normal kindle with:

  • special setting only for kids (see below)

What’s the Best Kindle for Kids 2017

Get Kindle for Kids on Amazon

If you are looking for an e-reader for your kids, the Kindle is the best. Amazon makes a special designed kindle for kids. The Kindle for Kids ships with the latest Kindle e-reader, along with 5 different color covers. For sure, you will find the suitable one for your boys and girls. To help you easy to find out the different between Kindle for Kid and normal Kindle, here I make a list to help you figure it out:

Kindle for Kids Kindle
Come with cover to protect the e-reader No cover, but you can purchase separately
Come with Kindle FreeTime app, you can set reading goals and track progress No FreeTime App
Only for reading, without any other features Besides reading, you can use kindle to browse website or even listen music (some types support)
No backlight, kids will sleep when lights are turned off For adult, we can choose Kindle with built-in adjustable light
Important! 2-year worry-free guarantee: if your kids break it, return it and Amazon will replace it for free. No questions asked! 1-year limited warranty and service

Kindle vs Kindle Fire Tablet

Get Kindle Fire Tablets on Amazon Cheaper

If you decide to buy a Kindle for reading, you may be confused by another Amazon tablet Kindle Fire. Kindle Fire is the alternative ebook reader from Amazon. After 2014, all Kindle Fire products are renamed as Fire, or you can call them Fire tablets. Fire tablets are for those who want a tablet instead of simple ebook reader. They are fully functional tablets, with e-book reader capability. However, Kindle fire tablets have all the advantages and disadvantages I mentioned above. For a reader, the most serious disadvantage of Kindle Fire (tablets) is the battery life. Fire tablets battery can only last for 8 hours, but Kindle’s battery can last for 4 weeks. For more information, you can check this Kindle Fire tablet review.

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  1. I have a kindle fire broke screen, Im a senior who reads, check out info, plays games, and listen to pandora, wondering if I could watch cable tv on a kindle, or should I get a tablet.

  2. I bought a Kindle and yes it works well as an e reader but you can only buy books from Amazon !!! Very expensive since I cant download books from my library. Why doesn’t anyone mention that ?????

    1. Robert, Joy Powell here. Go to your library and ask how to download Hoopla and Overdrive. If you have wifi, you should be able to download books from your home. No wifi, you download books from the physical library. It has been a lifesaver for me.

  3. Thank you James for taking the time to share your research. I am torn as I like the sound of the tablet with more choice in terms of what I can do on it however, I at times like to read outdoors when the weather is sunny therefore, I am worried about the glare from the light. In this case, the Kindle would be better, according to your information.
    I am therefore considering either purchasing both a tablet (various tasks including e-reading) and a Kindle (specifically for reading outdoors) or purchasing an anti-glare?


    What are your thoughts on this.

  4. trying to understand Kindle Fire. My wiife has Kndle reader but not much help.I would love a simple “FIRE for Dummies” book (paper) to help guide me through this!

    1. Hello Ernie,

      Actually you can just consider Kindle Fire is an Android tablet, furthermore, it has more Amazon content to access.

  5. Thank you. All I want to do is Ancestry research and I don’t need all the bells and whistles that my android has. This was very helpful as I can purchase cheaper and it fits my needs.

  6. I have vertigo problems and too much looking at computer screens is far from ideal. I have the most intense anti-reflective glare lenses I can buy. I was told by colleagues that the ideal Kindle is that it reads more like an actual book page that you would hold in your hand. Many of the books I buy from Amazon have a price of $2.99 or so but are free if I were to own a Kindle. I pay for Amazon Prime. Once they are purchased, is the book mine forever or is there a limit on how long I can keep the book. I just find it confusing. I currently read on a MacBook Air. I have had a lot of technical problems with the Audible and even at this moment, I have been pushed up to level 3 techno assistance & have even e-mailed them as it seems it is taking way too long to solve the problem. I decided to not continue the service. So, I read mainly the free books if I were to own a Kindle and I would prefer one where the font is larger if possible. I don’t plan to watch movies but I would mainly read at home or on a flight. Which model would you most recommend? I appreciate your assistance.

    1. If just for reading, Kindle Papeerwhite is my favorite. The latest version of Kindle has a high resolution screen with built-in light, and it’s quite comfortable for my eyes.

  7. Good morning and thank you for your informative article. I am going to Pisa, Italy, and would like to buy (a tablet) for a 9 yr cousing; she would like to learn English. I wonder if you have any thoughts on which tablet would be best. I assume there are games installed. Probably best to consider one for a preteen? Can I then purchase a converter, so this unit can be used in Italy? I sure would appreciate your assistance. Thank you for all you’ve done for the consumer.

  8. I am hoping for a device but I have to earn the miney? and it’s hard to do that during quarantine and we are moving so it’s even harder.

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