5 Best Free Website Builders to Build Your Website for Free

On December 31, 2015, in Other Online Technology, by James Liu

Nowadays, there are thousands of tools to help us to build websites for free. But it is too hard to find the best one and the most suitable one for us. Therefore, I think it is very necessary to have a free website builders comparison. So we can rate the best free website builder basing on this comparison. By the way, this is just a personal opinion basing on my own experiences. Here are the Top 5 website builders for free.

No.1 Wix.com

wix website builder
As my point of view, Wix.com is the one of the best website builders which can help us create a website in 10 minutes. They provide a set of website builder tools that help us accomplish our website building in a simple way. If we don’t need our own domain name, we can create a website totally free on Wix.com. They will give us a sub-domain, then all our websites will be hosted under our sub-domain. There is not limitation on the number of websites we can create. When we start to create our own website, we can choose a free template. Wix provides a huge number of HTML5 templates for us, almost covering all categories. We can create a website basing on business website template, photography website template, music template, online shop template, or personal blog template. Here is a free dog website which I created for my friend on Wix.

No.2 Weebly.com

weebly website builder
It is another great place to create website for free. Weebly may not the best website builder, but I can bet it is the simplest website builder that anyone can build a free website on it without any training. You can create a beautiful website less than 5 minutes. One of the main reasons I choose Weebly is because of their templates. Though the number of template is less than Wix, but you can find some great template for a simple website. Another reason is their editor. It provides two mode when we are build the website. One mode is for desktop screen which is big and wide. Anther one mode is for mobile which is small and narrow. This will make sure your website can be great in both desktop and mobile screen. The website Sphynx in US will be a good example.

No.3 Tumblr

As my option, Tumblr is the best free website builder for blogger. My first blogger platform is Myspace, but somehow it is forgotten by everyone though it is still running. My second blogger platform is Blogger, which is owned by Google now. But I just feel it is too difficult to edit and input photos. Tumblr is the best website builder I never and ever used to build blog before. It is free, easy to use, and looking very nice. Here is my Tumblr page.

No.4 WordPress

WordPress is powerful platform to build websites and blogs. When we are mentioning WordPress here, we are talking about the WordPress.com. It is place for us to build website and blog for free. Though it is powerful, but lots of features are priced. Therefore, if you want to own a great website or blog and you are willing to pay a little fee, WordPress will be a good choice.

No.5 Blogger

I think everybody has heard this name before. I have used this platform for a very long time. But after Google acquired it in 2003, it seems to be never updated. I think the reasons people still use it just because it is owned by Google, it is free, and it is very fast to access. If you have a Google account, you will be able to use it for free. It is very convenient for people who already has Google account.


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