iPad, Android Tablet, or Kindle – What’s The Best Tablet Should I Buy

On December 20, 2015, in Other Online Technology, by James Liu

Christmas is fast approaching. And whenever this season of the year comes, the first thing that comes to my mind is making a list of presents that I plan to buy for each member of my family. I’m an avid fan of android tablets. However, it will not be a perfect gift for my wife since she loves iPad more. Perhaps it’s because my wife is a teacher and the iPad comes handy and very useful in the practice of her career. Aside from my wife, I also need to prepare a gift plan for my two old parents as well.

Though there are many varieties of tablets in the market. But there are only 4 main types of tablets we can buy.

Apple iPad
Apple has released several iPad since the first generation. The latest version is iPad Pro and iPad mini 4. The iPad Pro is a powerful model which is designed for professionals. iPad mini 4 is the 7 inch version which is lighter and easier to carry.
ipad pro

Android Tablets like Samsung Tab
Android Tablets is a good alternative if you don’t like iPad. If you want to choose Android tablet, you will have a wide range of choices, from different brands. You might not find the best tablet in Android tablets family, but you shall be able to find the cheapest one. You can buy an Android tablet over $800, and you can also get an Android tablet under $50.


Microsoft Surface
Microsoft Surface is a Windows tablet from Microsoft. It is considered as the best Windows tablet to against iPad and Android tablets. However, the market share of windows tablets is still very low. I guess it could be because of the lack of apps in their app store and the high price of each unit. Currently, I don’t recommend you to buy this for personal usage.

surface pro featured

Kindle is a ebook reader from Amazon. If you just want to buy a tablet for reading, then Kindle will be the best tablet for reading. I have one iPad, but I still bought a Kindle, only for reading. Try me, you will not regret getting one if you like reading.


Apple iPad Android Tablet Windows Tablet Kindle
Price $269 – $949 $49.9 – $799 $499 – $699 $59.99- $199.99
Easy to Use Yes No No Yes
Reading Experience Normal Bad Bad Great

Buy Tablets for Teachers

A lot of people love iPads because they are cool toys. But to my wife, they are more than that. She considers iPad as versatile tools with powerful features for teachers, which can be used to virtually modify the face of education. In fact, she considers it as one of the “must have” in today’s classroom technologies. She think iPad could be the best tablet for teachers. These are the reasons why my wife is head over heels with iPads.

It’s flexible
Through their cloud-based computing systems, she can work regardless of her location in their school campus enjoying this tool’s connectivity and portability. She can even forget about chalkboard discussions and conduct her class outside so her students can enjoy nature and learn at the same time. With an iPad on hand, she can still follow the flow of the lesson even outside the four corners of their classroom.

Helps teachers organize better
iPads lessen the loads of teachers too. Shuffling students’ works from school to home and vice versa to make grades has never been easy. But with the help of an iPad, you can simply store the needed information on this very handy gadget to keep all the records together and save them on their specific folders for easy retrieval. As my wife says, she can only maximize her organization skills if she owns an iPad.

Grading students becomes a lot easier
Many iPads these days have apps that can be used by teachers to make grades. Examples are EasyGradePro and GradeKeeper.

Making lesson plans becomes less complicated
Apps are becoming widespread these days. In fact, there’s even an app meant to create, modify and improve existing lessons.

iPads can help teachers become more productive
iPads are well acclaimed for their efficiency and speed. With this, my wife can capture images, jot notes, record voice reminders and have her to do list. Hence, if she will have any free time within the day, she can make use of them productively with the help of an iPad. As a result, there is less chances of bringing home some works considering the efficiency she can have with the help of this gadget.

Boosts teachers’ creativity
If you are not born to be creative, iPad can fill in your inadequacies. This gadget comes up with aps for drawing, editing photos, animations, eBooks, composing music or graphical novel creations. Its touch interface even makes it interactive and fun to use.

Allows more movement for the teacher
Teaching students doesn’t need to be boring. In fact, more mobility while teaching is better than just being fixed on one side of the classroom. With an iPad, you can move around during discussions. Teachers can also use their iPad in controlling presentations through a remote mouse app.

Buy Tablets for My Old Parents

As for my old parents, though they used to be educators just like my wife in their younger years, they don’t find iPads beneficial in their present status. They find its features too complicated and useless considering their present life style. And they find tablets with Android even harder to use too.

This reflects what nurse Hilde Alvselke Dahle stated about today’s technologies and seniors when she said that people who are in need of technology most are also the ones who find it hard to grasp. They have conducted a study on old people and iPad use by asking the subjects (in their senior age) use the gadget to turn off lights and control the room temperature. It turned out that only half of them adapted such practice after 4 months. They came up with a conclusion that most of these people don’t use the gadget not because they have dementia but because they have no previous experience which relates to such practice. Hence, they opt to use the switch when turning off lights instead of remotely controlling it through their iPad because this is what they are used to. Hence, this gave me an idea to choose a gadget that is not complicated for my parents to use. Hence, my gift must be useful enough that will allow them to do things that they love most. So, I end up deciding to buy Kindle instead. I have known my parents to be a bookworm since I was young. As educators, reading books has been their life’s staple. Then Kindle comes to my mind.

It offers the same basic act of reading process just like you are reading a book
All you need to do is to take the Kindle, turn the power on, start reading where you last end it, slide pages to flip the page, underline important points, jot notes and switch off when done.

A very handy tool to store a library of your book collections
Old people have so much time to read every day. This requires a lot of stock of books to read on. And since Kindle can save a whole library of publications, its users have more of the advantage. Despite their numbers, books can be easily accessed since they are arranged in alphabetical manner.

Other important features
With just a simple tap, you can bookmark a page where you last left it. For people with poor eyesight, the “text to speech feature” will be very beneficial. Fonts can be adjusted to a desirable size too with adjustable brightness level that you cannot obtain when reading a standard book. This gadget has long battery life too. Hence, my parents can read in as much as they want without worrying about the battery.

When you’re out there shopping for your Christmas presents, it is important to know the gadget’s features that can put value to your little investment. But more than that, it is important that you don’t just give gifts for the sake of giving but you are filling in that certain longing which the person has in her heart. And nothing can be better than doing this to the people whom you love most.


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