Add Admob in Flash Android Air Application

On June 16, 2011, in Android, Flash Flex AIR, by James Liu

Admob is a mobile advertising and monetization solutions from a trusted name in mobile advertising. As mobile advertising method, it supports all the main platform, such as android app, iPad app, iPhone app, mobile web, webOS app, and Windows Phone 7 app. For flash, it only support the flash lite, which is not widely used in the latest mobile technology. For the latest flash cs5.5, it already integrates the support for Android Air application and iphone application. For flash developers, there is still a way to embed admob ads in their flash application for android and iphone.

Add Admob in WebView

Admob doesn’t support the flash actionscript 3 natively. But it support the mobile web application, which means you can use admob ads in your web page for mobile. According to the adobe air guide, you can use the StageWebView working with your html page to embed admob ads in your flash android applications. This is my admob flash application. It works very well in my HTC desire 🙂

Add Admob in Flash Native Extension

From Flash CS5.5, Flash introduced a new way to support native device feature. This great feature makes it possible to add admob in flash air based native app. We can create an Android library which implements FREEExtension, FREContext, FREFunction. Then we can use Flash AIR adt to build an native extension ANE file. To show admob ads banner, we can add ANE file as a library to our flash or flex project. Inside flash project, we can call the interface to show adds in flash apps. For more information, you can check following post:

Add Admob Ads in Flash Based Android Apps
Add Google Admob in Android Application

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9 Responses to “Add Admob in Flash Android Air Application”

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  2. Lola says:

    You’re the one with the banirs here. I’m watching for your posts.

  3. Betty says:

    I added mobile ad on my website. How do i know if it is being displayed on mobiles?

  4. AdMob_AIR_for_Android says:

    Is there any component for AdMob integration in AIR AS3? And Where is source code of this tutorial?

  5. junichiro says:

    Now, my AdsLoader SDK for Adobe AIR Android is beta stage. Will you try to evaluate this?
    If you can send me back your feedback, I really appreciated 🙂


    • James says:

      Hi, Junichiro

      Do you want to put admob ads in Flash? What’s your method to implement it? As I know, if you use web loader to load a html ads, it may affect the AdMob user of terms. Be careful.


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