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On January 9, 2012, in Make Money Online, by James Liu

Last year, I started the Adsense Website Program. After 8 months hard working, it is the first time I reach $1000 target. Different from my friends, I use four sites to reach the goal (but he only uses one). What I did is just follow the process to build the website. You can read the original post How to make 1000 per month in adsense with 1 site

Step 1: adsense niche selection

  • Information based
  • Have new products being introduced constantly (will explain why later)
  • The niche must have high CPC in general (over USD1 per click)

Step 2: Set up the site and post a couple of articles on it
Step 3: Build 100+ backlinks
Step 4: New post that target new products
Step 5: Backlink your most profitable articles until they are number one

2011 Adsense Monthly Earning Report

May $6.22
June $3.10
July $4.30
Auguest $33.11
September $186.65
October $458.23
November $709.77
December $1008.03


To be honest, the beginning is not simple and the cost is also very high, especially for me, whose native language is not English. There is no secret to create a website to earn money, but following the steps, keeping trying, spending your time and your money. There’s no such thing as a free lunch. So if you just want to spend little to get big fish, this is not the good way for you to earn money. In my case, I just break even after I reach my first $1k, and I don’t know if it will continue in next few months. Anyway, there are something worth mentioning. All of these are what I have suffered and the reason why I put here is just want to remind me not to repeat the same mistake.

Do not Choose Small Searching Volume Keywords with Low CPC
I don’t know if other beginners will do the same thing. But I really did it at the beginning. As a beginner, I though I should start with an simple and low competition keywords. So I chose an 600 monthly searches keywords, and the estimated CPC is only lower than $1. This was the first mistake I have made. I tried to get some experience before I really started. But for this kind of keywords, even you can rank them to NO. 1. This experience is valueless. It cannot prove if your approach is right at all. I think the best keywords for beginning is about 1k monthly searches with $1 above CPC.

analytics traffic from May to Aug

Analytics Traffic from May to Aug

Tips: Choose High Monthly Searches and CPC Keywords
Because of the poor keywords I chose at the beginning, I could not earn any money after two months. Then I start to find keywords which has higher competition. I found one which has 2900 monthly searches with about $1 CPC. After another two month promoting, I ranked the keyword to No.3, and the result make me a little bit happy.

Traffic From Aug to Oct

Traffic From Aug to Oct

Do not Mess Several Unrelated Keywords in One Site
The new keywords make me to believe that it is possible to earn $1000 if I just repeat the same process and find more these type of keywords. But the thing happened next gave me a big shock. And it was the first time to let me know the new keyword “Google Panda”. And my site drop 80% traffic. After that, I started to think it is time to build a valuable website.

Traffic From Sep to Dec

Traffic From Sep to Dec

Adsense Earning From Jun to Oct 2011

Adsense Earning From Jun to Oct 2011


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