Everyone has a creative streak in them. With today’s advent of digital technology, being creative is just a few strokes away. Each individual has so much to do and is endowed with a lot of potentials along the process. A drawing tablet is your gate pass in acquiring your own creative license in ways you never imagined before. There are tools that you can use to bring out your best ability. There are so many possibilities you can explore which will allow you to sketch, draw, edit images and accomplish designing projects like you never did before. These days, designers, professional illustrators, 3D sculptors and animators take advantage of drawing tablets to do well in their respective works. These gadgets are very useful when used as media tablets or even just for classroom note taking. They are very helpful for creative expression on your digital designs.

3 Best Drawing Tablet with Screen

Drawing tablet with screen doesn’t need to connect to PC when artists are working on design. Compare with drawing tablet for PC, this type of drawing tablet is portable. You are able to design anywhere. The drawing tablets with screen have more features than common drawing tablet we are using in the office. But they are also more expensive. Therefore, we shall do enough comparison between different brands and models. Here are 3 leading tablets with screen you can find in the market these days.

Wacom Cintiq 13HD Interactive Pen Drawing Tablet with Display

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Your natural creative experience can now take place directly on your gadget’s screen. This type of tablet has 2048 pressure level. It is tilt sensitive and works like a traditional brush, marker and pencil. It is also designed with a wide viewing screen and allows you to enjoy using it with an HDM to Mini Display Port adapter. It has the ability to connect DTK 1300 to a MacBook Pro. Take advantage of its 3 position display with compact, comfortable and lightweight design. This is easy to set-up to Mac or PC and uses a 3- in 1 cable. It has short cut connectivity to customizable express keys and comes with a Rocker ring as well.

Users commend this product because of its size. With a 13HD tablet, it is very easy to retouch a photo or sketch. It is best for desktop use because of its wider and shorter design. When compared to Intuos, this brand is much better when it comes to accuracy. Its 2-3 pixel brush at the center of the tablet’s screen is one great factor which contributes to its precision. Its 1920×1080 resolution makes it finer than the standard. Color reproduction comes similar to a Cinema HD Display too. Its slim, very functional and lightweight stand also works to your advantage. With its pre-configured buttons, this product is very efficient to use.

Ugee 1910B Digital Pen Tablet Drawing Monitor

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If you are looking for high brightness visual experience then may as well use this tablet with 16SMS TFT LED panels. Creating a perfect image comes easy with this tablet’s electromagnetic pressure sensitivity. Hence, controlling the color, line thickness and transparency becomes very convenient. This tablet also works intuitively and naturally on screen. So go ahead and design, sketch, paint and edit right on the surface of its screen. It has 1 year warranty so no need to fret when investing for this product.

Considering this tablet’s functionality, you are getting the best deal at a price of $429.99. Users have proven it to be dead zones free and have no dust particles under its screen. Expect it to be very functional and very durable. It is built with a metal back stand. Most of all, it has superb quality even if you opt to work on a pixel level.

Huion GT-185HD Graphic Tablet Monitor with IPS Panel

Huion GT-185HD Graphic Tablet MonitorGet it cheaper on Amazon

The tablet’s IPS panel and 1920 x 1080 high screen resolution allows you to enjoy absence of distorted images. It has accurate color on various viewing angles and consistent in its functionality all throughout. Its ergonomic design gives it solid and smooth edges so you can rest your arms comfortably while using this tablet. You also have the preference to adjust its monitor stand at various levels. Huion GT-185HD Graphic Tablet Monitor with IPS Panel is also commendable for its customer support. This gives you the peace of mind that you will always have someone to turn to in case you come up with some issues while using this product.

On the other hand, this tablet is also compatible with many 3D programs and illustrations like Illustrator, Photoshop, Corel Draw, Zbrush, Corel Painter, Manga Studio and many others. Its 1 year warranty also secures your investment. Users of this tablet acclaim it for its perfect size and great functionality. Setting it up will just take less than 5 minutes and refining it can be done in a breeze. It comes with effective yet simple pen calibration with flawless hotkeys and no tinkering needed. Overall, this product will always be worth your investment.

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