There is no such thing as best drawing tablet that caters to the needs of everyone. This is because different individuals have different set of requirements when it comes to the tablet’s portability, features and costs. Buyers would want to invest on a brand that they can grow with, offering the best value to their investment.

Digital artists find graphic tablets to be the best tablet for drawing. Such hardware comes as a hard plastic designed to be touch-sensitive where users can draw on its surface using stylus or mouse movements on its monitor. The stylus will be positioned correlating to the cursor on the hardware’s monitor. It may take some time before you become at ease drawing on the tablet’s surface. However as you begin to surpass the learning curve, using the tablet can be as easy as using a paper and pencil to draw an image. For this reason, artists and non-artists alike rave over this product.

Top 4 Types of Graphics Tablets People Buy

Graphics tablets can be divided into 4 different types. Each type has its own features to meet different needs.

Drawing Tablet with Screen

One example for this is Wacom Cintiq 13HD. This Digital art tablet comes on a compact, slim design offering a natural pen on screen experience and acclaimed for its high performance. Its 13.3 inch display offers designers, artists as well as illustrators the depth and clarity they need to come up with a professional and detailed artwork. The Pro Pen used for this tablet allows you to dynamically change the size of the brush as well as the line weight. Some models of these types of tablets even have multi-gesture feature allowing users to pan and zoom with ease. Find the top 3 drawing tablets with screen here.

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What’s in the Box?
• Cintiq 13HD Display
• Wacom Pro Pen
• Detachable Display Stand
• Pen Carry Case
• Nib Removal Tool
• Nine Replacement Nibs
• Desktop Pen Stand
• Three Color Pen Rings
• 3-in-one Connection Cable
• Quick Start Guide
• AC Power Supply
• Installation CD
• User Manual
• Free Creative Bundled Software; Download Key

• Wacom Pro Pen with tilt sensitive feature
• 2048 levels pressure
• Premium, 13.3” with 1920 x 1080 HD Display wide viewing angle
• HDMI for Mini Display Port Adapter for connecting DTK1300 to Macbook Pro
• Lightweight, comfortable and compact design
• Three Position Display Stand
• 3 in 1 cable for easy set-up to Mac and PC
• Customizable Express Keys

Drawing Tablet for PC/Drawing Pad for PC

Wacom Intuos Pro Pen and Touch Medium is an example for this. Majority of artists consider this digital drawing tablet as the most versatile and popular choice. It has enough room where you can sketch, design, create and retouch easily. Its control and precision offers professional results as well. Users love its wireless feature. Full charged batteries can also last for 5 hours. Once low, batteries can be re-charged through a USB port, allowing you to charge and use it at the same time. This is the best choice if you intend to use it remotely. Its far better size gives an added advantage to its users and comes with a nice touch feature. It is easy to toggle through its on and off physical button. Such nice fit, sleek tablet designed with superb finish is made with slightly rubberized surrounding areas, securing the tablet from heavy bumps and fall.

Wacom Intuos Pro Pen and Touch Medium
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What’s in the Box?
• Wireless Kit
• Pen with pen stand and digital eraser
• 8 customizable ExpressKeys as well as Touch Ring
• Instruction for software download

• Can edit photos quicky and professionaly
• Digital artwork creation with natural pen control
• Pen Pressure with 2048 level
• Multi-function touch ring having 4 customizable operations
• Wireless

Laptops for Graphic Designer

Microsoft Surface Book is one example of Laptops for Graphic Designers. It runs a full window 10 Pro. Hence, it allows you to run your favorite apps, programs and browsers. Multitasking can also be possible with Microsoft Surface Book. So if you want to open many desktop programs and run window apps simultaneously then you can do so. They will neatly snap into place on the screen, enabling you to use them all at once. Because the laptop is made of magnesium alloy, expect it to be more robust and lighter than those with aluminum ones. Its surface pen is also compatible with other devices using a palm block technology and employs a 1024 level type of pressure sensitivity. This pen allows you to naturally markup documents. You can also enjoy it using your own handwriting. With the use of a surface connect port, you can use Surface Pro 3 Power Supply to charge the Surface Book. Most importantly, files and apps on your MacBook can work with Surface Book too.

Microsoft Surface Book
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What’s in the Box?
• Windows 10 Pro
• 6th Gen Intel Core 15
• 128GB SSD
• Surface Pen
• 13.5 inch PixelSense touchscreen display

• Weighs 3.34 pounds
• 13.5 inch PixelSense display
• 3000 x 2000 resolution
• High contrast and low glare
• Advanced wireless options when connecting to other accessories and devices
• Has all the ports that you need
• Combines with 6th Generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors
• 16GB memory
• With optional discrete graphics
• Handles verities of creative tasks
• Sketch and designs
• Edit video with smoothness and fluidity
• 12 hours battery life
• Microsoft Advanced technology
• Business ready

Tablets with Styluses

If you are fed up using your traditional paper notebook then check out today’s hype; the stylus equipped tablet. With this, you have the advantage of saving your digital notes up to the cloud. Hence, they are not just accessible for use with any types of device but they keep your important data safe too. So search and index your digital notes by simply entering keywords.

One best example of tablets with styluses is Apple’s iPad Pro. It comes with productivity-boosting accessories like the snap-on keyboard cover as well as a stylus, otherwise known as “Apple’s Pencil”. Meanwhile, iPad Pro is a device that measures 12.9 inches featuring an excellent pen support that has full pressure sensitivity coupled with a reliable palm rejection.

What’s in the box?
• iPad Pro
• Lighting to USB Cable
• USB Power Adapter

• Keyboard (separately sold)
• Active stylus support (separately sold)
• Split screen multitasking
• Large display
• Fast performance
• 9.7 inches – 12.9 inches
• Choose among its silver, space gray, gold and rose gold finish
• Has 9.7” to 12.9” retina display
• A9X chip and 64 bit architecture
• M9 processor
• iOS 9 operating system
• 9 hours battery life
• With 4 speaker audio
• Dual microphones for video recording, calls and audio recording

How to choose the best drawing tablet?

Before looking for a drawing tablet for pc, you need to write down what you really need. This will help you narrow down your choices and prevent spending for features that will not be useful for you. For starters, the lines of amateur tablets may suffice. However, if you intend to use this for a living then you may need to choose among the lines of professional and rock star designer tablet selections.

There are many factors you need to consider when shopping for a drawing tablet. You have to check the tablet’s resolution, stylus, tilt sensitivity, pressure sensitivity, scrollers or wheels and many other important factors to know if it meets your requirements.


The tablet’s resolution can be measured in lines per inch (LPI). The dots in LPI are arranged in lines. And their distance apart will be measured to determine the resolution. This factor is very important since LPI determines the sharpness and details of the image. The higher it is, the better will the image appear. Stylus on the other hand is the digital pens which you need to draw on the tablet. They come in various designs. But always choose the one that has special grips like those made of rubber. These types have easy grip, ergonomic and comfortable to use.


There are 2 types of stylus that you can choose from; those that are battery operated and those that are “battery less”. The first type has AAA battery. They are usually thicker types of stylus with narrow design at the holder part of the pen. The “battery less” type of stylus on the other hand is powered by Electro-Magnetic Resonance technology (EMR). If you choose among the high end tablets, you have the advantage of using its tilt sensitivity feature. This is otherwise known as “tilt recognition”. This can be likened into using an air brush. By tilting the stylus, you have the option to control the thickness of the line you would like to draw. This is because of the paint spray’s angle. This is best for digital printing which is often employed together with airbrush tools or Corel Painter. If you would like to work on character drawings then the pressure sensitivity plays a very important part. This is where the weight of your lines lies. It refers to the sensitivity of your pen or stylus. Choices range from 256 up to 3000. The higher it is, the more sensitive your pen will be. The quality of your drawing will also be determined by the friction of the tablet’s surface as well as the quality of stylus tip as well.

Drawing Tablets with Screen VS Drawing Pad for PC

On top of the tablet’s size, another factor that concerns artists is the inclusion or exclusion of display screens. As we know, any design enthusiast has to choose between a drawing tablet with screen and a drawing pad for pc. Well, the best way to find out what you need is to know how these two gadgets differ from each other.


Some artists feel they don’t need the screen on their tablets. However, one cannot discredit the advantages that additional screen has to offer. Graphic tablets are modern tablets that do more than just detecting horizontal and vertical positions of stylus pens. The well advanced models can also control the pressure applied to the stylus’ angle. Programs such as manga Studio, Photoshop and GIMP can translate the differences into shape changes and brush size, just like how pencils, pens and paint brushes work.


Now, you may wonder how the presence of a screen makes a difference in your art work. Many graphic tablets switched the uniform digitizer surface with LCD screen. This serves as a computer monitor as well. With this, you don’t need to look back and forth to your computer’s screen while sketching your image as you do with a computer drawing pad. But with practice, such habit can be avoided unless you are tracing.


3 Best Drawing Tablets with Screen for Artists

One disadvantage of choosing drawing tablets with screen is the price. Obviously, they cost higher than drawing pads for PC. They can be 10 – 100 times more expensive that the traditional graphic tablets. Hence, if you are tight on your budget then may as well settle for drawing pads instead. Meanwhile, consider the screen’s quality as well. They can develop dead pixels after wear and tear. This is only normal considering too much pressure placed on its screen. However, take note that their repair does not come cheap too.

Android Tablet with Stylus VS iPad with Stylus

Let’s take Android tablet Samsung Galaxy Note Pro for this compared to iPad Pro for this. These are Tablets with styluses. Samsung Galaxy Note Pro runs Windows 10 like iPad Pro runs iOS 9, the later marketed by Apple as a powerful tablet rather than a laptop replacement just yet. However, both tablets offer same advantage and that is to get things done in the most portable way.

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro includes keyboard dock or cover with its price. On the other hand, iPad Pro will require an extra cost. Same thing goes for Apple’s Pencil, costing around £79. As for the tablet’s design, Tab Pro is only 693g with 6.3mm thickness. Its curved corners, metallic edge and thin bevels give it a sleek look. It comes in 290 x 199 x 6.3 mm dimensions. On the other hand, iPad Pro is heavier and thicker. However, it gives the user an advantage of a bigger screen too measuring 12.9 inches. It weighs 713 grams and is 6.9 mm thick. It comes with a dimension of 305x221x6.9 mm and appears thin and feels light.

As for the color, Tab pro is available in silver, black and white hues. And iPad on the other hand comes in silver, space grey and gold colors. Samsung Galaxy Note Pro has Super Amoled technology with a resolution of 2160 x1440 to 216 pppi. Ipad Pro on the other hand has higher ppi which is 264.

Apple’s customers have become accustomed to powerful tablets and larger screens. On the other hand, Samsung’s Galaxy Note Pro has less limited apps and ideal when it comes to portability. But the biggest determining factor that one has to consider is the price with Apple’s iPad Pro being the more expensive between the two.

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  1. This was very helpful. My birthday is this Friday and I told my dad which tablet I wanted, I’m getting the Bamboo one.

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  3. My drawing tablet is a XP-Pen Star 06 wireless tablet! It’s an older-ish model so I got mine for around $60? Not too bad for what you get. It’s pretty large though . It’s so much more convenient because of wireless accessory kit . That’s more of a luxury tho tbh, and it isn’t the most inexpensive thing either .

    My mom has a wacom intuos comic tablet, and that one’s much smaller!

    1. Oh, you are lucky. I don’t have oppotunity to try XP-Pen Star 06 yet. Hope I can get one and have a try. After that, I can share my exp.

  4. Awesome guide, thanks for the tips and the reviews! it always good to have the right tool for the different aims we need to achieve and getting a good design and graphics will need us getting a good device or tablet. I personally use 24inch XP-PEN Artist 24 Pro Screen Drawing Tablet since I first started, and I am very satisfied with it.

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