My wife is an always on the go person. She can keep busy on working, attending to the kids and doing almost everything for the family. Hence, multi-tasking is a very common thing for her. She can be doing a grocery and checking my email at the same time. Because of the hectic schedule, she doesn’t have time to sit down in front of the computer to watch her favorite movies and TV shows. She used to do these working on her Android phone. However, I decide to prepare a gift for her, a bigger screen Android tablet. As a wonderful housewife, she doesn’t like me spending too much on gadgets. Therefore, a high value/price Android tablet will be a wonderful gift for her.

To find a powerful and functional Android tablet is not a big deal. But it is a difficult job to find an ideal Android tablet with reasonable price. After asking my geek friends, they all recommend Dragon Touch X10. As their words, Dragon Touch X10 is the best Android tablet with cheap price, but powerful engine and plenty of functions.


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I am so curious about this so called cheap and powerful Android tablet. To be surprised, here is what I find on Dragon Touch X10 home page:

  • 10 inches IPS screen with 1366×768 resolution
  • 8 core up to 2.0 GHz CPU
  • Octa-Core high-speed PowerVR SGX544 GPU
  • 16GB Nand Flash
  • 1GB RAM
  • Rear camera 5.0MP
  • Front camera 2.0MP
  • Powered with Google Android 5.1 Lollipop
  • Bluetooth, Mini HDMI, Wi-Fi, Standard USB, Micro USB

I guess the above features are hard to understand for a normal person. I think there is a simple word to describe this Android tablet: powerful. After contacting with Dragon Touch X10 support, I can get this octa-core Android tablet under $100 with a $20 coupon. I think my wife will be very happy when she knows that I get a 10 inches Android tablet under $100 for her.

Get Cheapest Octa Core 10 Inches Android Tablet Under $100

Without any hesitation, I put the order on Amazon with free shipping. One day later, I get this Android tablet and give it to my wife with a sweet kiss. Here is the Dragon Touch X10 Android tablet:




Cheap Android Tablet for Watching Movies

Dragon Touch X10 is the best Android tablet for watching movies at it’s price point. It comes with 10 inches wide screen. And because it has IPS screen with 1366 x768 resolution, it is somewhat similar to iPad too. My wife loves viewing her favorite movies here because of its SmartrColor technology. Because of this, it has better visual effects with higher image quality. My wife loves reading e-books here too. And because it shows more content on its screen, it only requires less scrolling.

Cheap 3D Gaming Android Tablet

Dragon Touch X10 has 8 core CPU which is up to 2.0GHz and this is supported by Octa-Core processor A83T. Hence, you wouldn’t have any issue with its internet speed. In fact, my son loves playing his video game here considering the fact that it has PowerVR SG544 GPU operating at a speed Tof of 700 MHz. It comes very handy when used outside too since it has a long life battery, enough to last many hours of use (which is very helpful when you are outdoor). In fact, I have just known lately that this tablet has more energy saving feature compared to most quad core tablets!

Cheap Android Tablet with Front and Rear Facing Cameras

Under $100, Dragon Touch X10 has both rear facing camera and front facing camera with auto focus. That is why I use this when taking photos anywhere I need to, may it be at my kids’ school or in any of our escapades.

10 Inches Android Tablet with HDMI Port

HDMI port enables tablets to connect with Monitors, HDTV, and any other display device. Dragon Touch X10 Android tablet has a Mini HDMI port. So we can use a Mini-HDMI to HDMI Cable to connect this Android tablet to HDTV. So we can start to watch HD movie on bigger screen with our family.


Android Tablet with Full Size USB Port

This is the amazing feature which I love. Dragon Touch X10 Android tablet has a full size USB port. It allows us to connect our USB hard drive, USB mouse, USB keyboard on it. This feature makes it easier to save files or transfer data from tablet to other device. Furthermore, with Dragon Touch X10, we don’t need to use laptop anymore. After we connect our USB mouse and USB keyboard with a USB hub, we can turn Dragon Touch X10 Android tablet into laptop in one second. It is just surprising how powerful yet cheap this Android tablet is. I can never ask for more!

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Where to Buy Cheap Android Tablet

To find the best deal, check out Dragon Touch X10 tablet at It only costs you $119.99 with 1 day free shipping. If you can shoot a video on your Dragon Touch X10 and publish it on youtube, you will be able to get a $20 coupon. Dragon Touch X10 is a real cheap Android tablet under $100.


Buy it cheap on Amazon

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  1. Need help!
    I’m planning to buy a tablet, basically it will be for browsing the web. But I’m bit confused between Dragon Touch X10 and Fire HD 8. Can you please suggest me the best one? Is there any alternative to both of them?

    1. It really depends on your actual needs. Dragon Touch X10 gives you the best hardware spec and full freedom for you to play it, while Fire HD8 provides good contents as it is from Amazon.

    2. Hopefully this guy already bought a Dragon Touch X10 instead the Fire HD 8. That Amazon Fire tablet is miles behind the X10. There are so many better features on the X10 it would take a whole page to list them all. But just off the top, the X10 has a 10.6 display, not a common 10.1 like most 10 inch tablets. That extra half inch makes a huge difference. Why? Because it gives the screen a full 16:9 ratio which is the same as a movie theatre. So when you watch a movie you’re seeing it in the same full screen display as at the movies. For a common 10.1″ to achieve that ratio it must cut the picture way down and give you large black bars top and bottom. Most 10 inch tablets in this price range give you either 1024 x 600 or 1280 x 800 screen resolution. The X10 is 1366 x 766. And the SmartColor technology gives you a gorgeous picture. Many 10″ tablets in this price range don’t even give you an IPS screen. The X10 does. The mini HDMI port allows you to connect the X10 to your HDTV effectively turning it into a Smart TV. You get TWO USB ports, a micro and a full size, so there are many more uses and devices you can connect. The X10 is the only tablet I have seen under $200 that gives a full size USB port. And most over $200 don’t even have it. The WiFi connectivity is excellent. It has TWO charging ports, so if one did ever go bad you’d still have the other. The battery is a huge 7200 mAh. Most 10 inch batteries are 450 to 6200. I could go on & on. But just read the one star reviews of the Fire HD 8. The biggest deal breaker for me is an Amazon tablet is very limited to only the Amazon app store apps, which are very limited. Any decent ones usually cost money. The X10 has Google Play store at currently 2.8 MILLION apps, the majority being free. The choice between the X10 and the Fire HD 8 or even the HD 10 is a total no brainer.

  2. I have been using the Dragon Touch X10 Octa Core tablet for nearly a year now. The only complaint I have is the speaker volume is very low. I usually use head phones connected by blue tooth, so not an issue for me. I travel by airplane frequently for my job. This was bought mainly to watch movies downloaded from netflix on the airplane. So far, phenomenal battery life, about 8 hours per charge watching movies. Excellent graphics quality, full screen viewing as stated by other reviews. Fast processor and plenty of drive space (16 gigabyte). I have zero complaints, this works.

    1. cannot. It’s like duel screen or a extended screen. If closing the tablet screen, it will close the android tablet as well. Then all video signal will stop.

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