Drawing graphic tablets have become very popular these days, especially among art enthusiasts. Instead of using a paper and a pencil, artists can now use a special pen-like stylus to hand-draw graphics, animations and images. Hence, you can now hand-draw your design directly on the tablet screen. This makes the design work more amazing.

When using a graphic tablet with screen, you can take the advantage to finish your work more efficiently. If you have perfect drawing skill, you will be willing to do your design with a pen instead of a mouse. Last time, we list 3 best drawing graphics tablets for professionals and artists, and Ugee is one of them.

Why Ugee is the top drawing graphics tablet with display

Ugee has been in the professional solution for pen input device industry for several years. It is one of the best professional graphic tablet R&D manufacturers. Ugee 1910B is fully functional drawing graphic tablet with affordable price.

Ugee 1910B Digital Pen Tablet Drawing Monitor

There are many reasons to choose Ugee drawing graphic tablet with display. It comes with a 19 inch LED screen, 2 pens chargers and 2 original cables. It comes with 1440×900 resolutions with a TFT panel. To help you make decision easily, we have a list of pros and cons of Ugee drawing graphic tablet with display.


  • This is a great choice for anyone looking for an inexpensive but quality tablet.
  • Has effortless set-up
  • Great size at 19 inches tall, hence considered as big as a television
  • Pens charge fast
  • Most practical option if you don’t intend to spurge
  • Can be installed with ease
  • Has very impressive monitor


  • Lack of customer service
  • Viewing angles need improvement
  • Poor color compared to Mac’s retina display
  • The cursor or pen deviates in millimeter
  • The design and overall build is inferior compared to Wacom
  • It needs fine tuning on its display since its colors are slightly off
  • Needs improvement in its aesthetics
  • Heavy

After reading this pros and cons list, I think you will be willing to check another top drawing graphics tablet, Wacom Cintiq, before you make the decision to purchase.

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  1. Great review, Now I can easily decide which tablet is best to buy and provide all the essential features. Though, this one is affordable and cheap solution compared to other devices.

  2. Hi, nice review. I am looking for a graphic tablet, but want a little bit bigger than this one. I found 24inch XP-PEN Artist 24 Pro drawing display and wondering if somebody tried it?

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