It seems to be a little bit late to write ideas for 2017. However, during the Chinese New Year festival, I finally get some time to think about it. All ideas here are short time hit in my mind. Therefore, they could be total wrong 🙂 However, it’s still worth to write down in case you can find some value when you read it or when I read it in the later of this year.

Clean Hacked WordPress or Joomla Service

Last year, I am suffering from hacked website pain for a long time. 5 of my websites were hacked. 4 are based on WordPress and 1 is Joomla website. It took me severl months to clean the website and watch on them, in case I miss some backdoor which were opened by hackers. Indeed there are lots of tutorials on internet about how to clean hacked WordPress, there are too many security cases to deal with for normal people to think about. And cleaning hacked website is time consuming. The most challenge part is finding the backdoors. I think it could be an oppotunity to run a security business like cleaning hacked website, security checking, and website batch maintenance. Here are some unclear points I have to figure out:

  • How much are the clients willing to pay for cleaning a hacked website?
  • How to find clients whose website is hacked?
  • Answers: Write some clean tips and website security articles to get traffics.

  • Will they be willing to pay upselling service such as website batch maintenance yearly?

Selling Emails

Email marketing is a very old marketing channel, but it is still a good channel to provide upselling service. The idea is creating a website to collect user subscriptions. Then find a vender to monetize the subscription email. When I am writing this idea, I already feel it is a little bit silly as collecting email is already a very tough job. However, let me list some unclear issues here:

  • How to collect user email?
  • Answers: Building a website with lots of regular readers, for example, news website. Fine, this is too hard. You may get some chances if you can find some special niches.

  • How to find clients who are willing to pay for the email list?
  • How much does one email address worth? or how to charge the clients for the email list?

IT Personal Skill Training

Just like the current website idea, but somehow I have not earned to much on my Android tutorials. The difficult part is that you must be an expert before you can train other people. The idea is from Linkedin, they list a top skills of 2016, then provide skill courses. The challenges for this idea could be:

  • Find the right skill to teach
  • Get traffic from Google search, but how to convert to pay?
  • In my website, I get lots of traffic to search for Android solutions, but little of them are willing to pay for it. People always like free food. Maybe there are too may free materials therefore no one wants to pay for the Android tutorial, who knows. Some tutorial websites provide free tutorial articles/posts for getting traffic and provide premium course for paid customers. But I don’t know how their business is.

Convert PSD to WordPress Theme Service

As WordPress is the most popular CMS to help people build website, more and more people choose WordPress as their website framework. But for different purpose, people may want to have their own special UI design, instead of using generate templates. Create WordPress template is not a easy job. It requires professional programming skills such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript. However, to hire a full time programming is not worth, especially just for create a WordPress template. Therefore, part time job to create WordPress template could be one opportunity as well.

Here I just list 4 possible part time job opportunities. But I will continually update this page if I get more ideas, they could be useless though 🙂

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