Thinnest 7 Inch Android Tablets Google Nexus 7

7 inch tablets is one group of tablets categorized by screen size. At this time, Apple has released iPad mini as their main product in small screen tablets market. Even though Microsoft also released their tablets Windows Surface in October, they only have 10 inch devices. Hence, 7 inch tablets comparison is basically between iPad mini from Apple and android family tablets.

The Thinnest 7 Inch Tablets

Thinnest 7 Inch Tablet iPad Mini
iPad mini is released at 23 Oct, 2012. Its screen size is 7.9-inch. We can say this is the biggest 7 inch tablet in the world. But it doesn’t matter because it weighs only 308 grams and its size is 200 x 134.7 x 7.2mm. iPad mini is still the lightest 7 inch tablet and the thinnest 7 inch tablet.

The Thinnest 7 Inch Android Tablets

Thinnest 7 Inch Android Tablets Google Nexus 7
Google Nexus 7 thickness is 10.45mm.
Google Nexus 7 is the first 7? tablet from Google. It has 7” 1280×800 HD display screen which has 216ppi pixel density. The scratch-resistant corning glass protect screen from scratching incidents damage. There are 8GB or 16GB internal storage to choose. It weighs 340 grams and its size is 198.5 x 120 x 10.45mm.

Thinnest 7 Inch Android Tablets Amazon Fire 7
Kindle Fire HD 7 thickness is 9.6mm, thinner than Google Nexus 7.
Kindle Fire HD, the latest Kindle Fire android tablets from Amazon (see different between Kindle and Fire tablet). They have three models, Kindle Fire HD 8.9? 4G, Kindle Fire HD 8.9?, and Kindle Fire HD 7?. The new models are released in 2012, too. However, its hardware configuration is much better than Google Nexus 7. Kindle Fire HD 7 inch has 7” 1280×800 HD LCD screen, which supports 720p HD. About the internal storage, there are 16GB and 32GB to choose. It weighs 394 grams, which is heavier than Google Nexus 7. Kindle Fire HD 7 inch 3 dimension size is 192 x 115 x 9.6mm.

Thinnest 7 Inch Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 7
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus is 9.9mm!
Samsung’s Galaxy has one of the most thinnest 10 inch tablets, it also has the thinnest 7 inch android tablets. Samsung Galaxy Tab™ 7.0 Plus has 7? display screen with 1024 x 600 pixel resolution. It has 16GB internal storage with micro SD card slot supporting up to 32GB. It weights 343 grams and its size is 193 x 122 x 9.9mm.

Which 7 Inch Tablets is Worth to Buy?

The thinnest 7 inch tablet, iPad Mini, is the most expensive one. Its price is $329 in US. However, the two thinnest android tablets are only $199. Is it really worth to spend $130 more on 3mm thinner? To choose the best 7 inch tablet that is worth the money, you’d better compare the target tablets between following 5 factors:

#1. Screen Resolution

First, its 7.9 inch screen with 1024 x 768 resolution is not very amazing. Compare with Google Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD, the screen of iPad mini is so low class. The screen from these two thinnest android tablets support 1280 x 800 resolution. Both of them have over 200 ppi.

#2. Processor

Second, the processor in iPad Mini is Dual-core A5, one two years old process which is used by iPad 2. Processor is the heart of tablet PC. The processor from Google Nexus 7, the android 7 inch tablet, is Quad-core Tegra 3 processor. Its powerful calculation ability provides the outstanding performance.

#3. Cameras

Third, iPad mini provide 2 cameras. The front one is 1.2 Megabytes, the same as Google Nexus 7. The kindle fire hd doesn’t have cameras. Even though iPad mini has one more back camera, I don’t know if we will use it to take photos. Is it more convenient to take photos by phones?

#4. Storage

Forth, iPad mini has three version of storage, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. This is the only advantage I have found in iPad mini. Before you decide to choose iPad mini because of the storage, please consider carefully. If you are interesting in the HD movies, it is big enough for you to save. But its poor screen resolution will be the biggest problem when you are watching HD movies on it.

#5. Apps or Content

Fifth, content will be significantly affect how we use the tablets. iPad mini has the build-in app store from Apple. Google Nexus has native Google Play app store, and Amazon Fire is able to access all content in Amazon such as books, musics, and movies. As Amazon Fire is actually an Android tablets, it also benefits from the Google Play app store. It seems that I will be able to access more apps, books, movies and music on Amazon Fire tablet than other 7 inch tablets.

Best 7 Inch Tablet Under 100

Nowadays, tablet is not the new gadget any more. Therefore, there are many choices under $100. Regarding the price, we can see the Amazon Fire 7 is sold at $49.99, even under $50 on Amazon platform. Though we can also find lots of 7 inch tablets at this price on Amazon, such as Alldaymall 7 inch tablet at $42.99 and NeuTab tablet at $44.99, I cannot find anyone who can beat Amazon Fire 7. With its top brand and a huge number of high quality content, I would be willing to pay $5 more to get the Amazon Fire 7.


According to my current study, I have compared more than 5 tablets, cross 2 different platforms (iOS and Android). I still believe the most important one may not be the best. By watching on the hardware condition, content source, price and brand, I will choose Amazon Fire , the 7 inch as the best 7 inch Android tablet under $100.

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