Laptop Functions with Tablet Price

After several days, my nephew will start his high school life. My wife and I want to prepare a gift for him. There are some criteria when we start to search one. First of all, it must be useful. Then it could not be that expensive. For high school students, a laptop or tablet is also the best choice. If you have been looking for an inexpensive laptop under $100, you have probably noticed that pickings are slim to none—laptops simply can’t be purchased for that cheap and when they are, they tend to be of a lower quality.

Thankfully, you don’t need to purchase a laptop to get a device that can function as a laptop! You can actually turn your Android tablet into a laptop and, best of all, it will cost you less than $100 in the long run! Now days the android tablets are very cheap. We can get a very powerful one with less than $100.

Android Tablet: Laptop Functions with Tablet Price

Laptop Functions with Tablet Price
Most of the work you can do on a laptop can also be done on an Android tablet. This means that you’ll be able to do almost the same exact things but at a much more affordable price! And since Android tablets are compatible with wireless keyboards and wireless computer mice, you can navigate your tablet just as easily as you would a laptop. Let’s take closer look at what you can do on a tablet just like a laptop.

Browse Websites

You can easily browse websites using a tablet, thanks to internet browser apps that are easily installed on tablet devices. Tablets have a surprisingly strong processing power, so you’ll even be able to open multiple tabs at once.

Editorial Work

If you need to type articles, write papers or do any sort of editorial work, all you need is a wireless compatible keyboard and a word processing app downloaded and installed onto your tablet. There are a lot of options to choose from, ranging from Microsoft brand apps to more generic and free office apps.


Laptop Functions with Tablet email
Checking, reading and writing emails is simple on an Android tablet! And you can use the aforementioned wireless keyboards if you want to type emails without having to use your tablet’s built-in keyboard function.

Watch Movies and Listen to Music

Laptop Functions with Tablet video
Entertainment can be easily enjoyed on a tablet, just like you would on a laptop! Streaming movies on YouTube, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix and other streaming apps is simple; all you have to do is download the specific app, put in your credentials, and you can start watching! Listening to music is just as easy; although the speakers on a tablet won’t be as good as those on a laptop, you can remedy this by purchasing a pair of nice wireless headphones that will give you a better sound.


Laptop Functions with Tablet programming
If you need to use your tablet for programming, you’re in luck: programming is possible on a tablet, too! All you need is to install your compatible keyboard and mouse, download the appropriate programming apps and software, and get working.

How to Convert Android Tablet into Laptop

Most of the people don’t know this secret. As my photos above, I have plugged in my keyboard and mouse to my Android tablet, which convert the Android tablet into a laptop, with a very low price. Then I can do everything on the tablet which I was doing on my laptop before. The following steps will make it easy to use Android tablet as a laptop.

Prepare a OTG USB Hub

Usually Android tablet only provides a micro USB port. So it’s better to prepare a OTG USB Hub will extend the capability of your tablets. The OTG USB hub or adapter looks like below. It will enable your tablet to connect USB mouse, USB keyboards, USB thumb drive, etc.

Continuous Power Supply

It’s not necessary, but easy to do if your tablet has a DC power input. Even no, you can easily connect your tablet to the USB power adapter. The Android tablet connecting with continuous power supply will boost the performance which is highly like what laptop does.


If you are looking for a simple laptop to do basic web browsing, editorial writing, check your emails, watch movies or listen to music or do some hobby or work programing, you can save tons of money (and stick to a budget under $100) simply by using an Android tablet instead of a full sized laptop.

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