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If you want to get better sales, the best way is getting more positive reviews on Amazon. Most sellers are searching safe ways to receive positive reviews from Amazon customers. Just because the more positive reviews they get, the higher ranking will the products get. Therefore, more and more sellers are buying fake reviews from the internet. However, Amazon is not silly. The managers punish the vendors by reducing their products ranking, or banning their account forever.

It is truly right that the reviews can help sales, especially for positive reviews. But buying fake reviews is not the correct way. If you want to get better reviews, the honest way is making your products better. There are several methods you can follow , and one of them is finding your targeting customers what they want. Then, your question is changing to how to find your customers needs. This article will give some suggestions.

Find Customers Needs from Amazon Reviews

If you want to improve your products, the best thing that you can do is taking a look at what people say about it. Amazon has great resources for both positive and negative reviews that are full of useful details which will help you make the most vital improvements to your products.

How to Get Reviews for New Products

You could be new to Amazon and your product even doesn’t have a reviews. In order to improve your product from what people say, you can reading your competitor’s reviews. Finding the best seller, collecting as more reviews as you can, and reading them seriously.

Download Amazon Reviews

There could be hundreds of thousands of reviews on Amazon. Recording them manually is impossible. Reading them on the Amazon page isn’t an efficient way either. Fortunately, lots of people provide technical solution to help downloading reviews from Amazon and saving them in Excel file. If you want someone to help download Amazon reviews. Please just let me know. Roughly you can get thousands reviews with $5 only.

Separate Reviews into Positive and Negative

When you get thousands of reviews in Excel, it’s much easy to find the positive and negative reviews according to the ratings. You can filter the reviews which are under 3 ratings to get all negative reviews, and get all positive reviews in the opposite.

How to Use Negative Reviews

The first type of review you want to find is negative reviews. Negative reviews are people who are unhappy with the product or service. Some negative reviews will not be helpful as they may not reveal enough details about why they are unhappy, but many negative reviews are filled with useful information that can help you make improvements.

For example, a negative review for the Wacom Cintiq 16 Drawing Tablet notes that the product performance was great, the pen works fine right with default settings–but that they were unhappy because a VESA mount could not be used without purchasing an additional accessory. Other negative reviews for the same product have a similar complaint. From this negative review, you could take the fact that this is a crucial feature which should be implemented into new products or even updated versions of the same product.

How to Use Positive Reviews

Next, you’ll want to find positive reviews which are reviews from people who are happy (or mostly happy) with the product or service. As with negative reviews, not all positive reviews will necessarily be helpful: you’ll want to find the ones with enough detail to give you a better idea of what people liked the most, so that you can make sure these features/details stay the same and so you can use them as sales points for future products and services.

To use the above product as an example, many positive reviews praise the feeling of the drawing tablet’s screen, which they say is somewhere between glass and a paper-like consistency. This positive feature could be spun into a sales point, in addition to being a feature that the company would want to incorporate into future releases.

Find Features that People Want

Finally, you will want to take a look at both positive, negative and middle of the road reviews to find features that people want or wish for in future products. These reviews aren’t necessarily negative; they are simply mentioning something that would be nice to have for future products (or services).

To use the above examples, both positive and negative reviews note that they would prefer it if the tablet had touch input, since that is considered to be a staple feature in the tablet and drawing tablet industry.

The world of online reviews may seem daunting or even frustrating from the point of view of someone offering products or services, but you can actually learn a lot from both positive and negative reviews.

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