Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Reviews

On October 19, 2011, in Android, by James Liu

android 4.0 ice cream sandwichGoogle and Samsung have released their latest Galaxy Nexus officially in 2011 October 19. Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is released at the same time. Android 4.0 makes a big progress in android system and try to make it to be simple, consistent and fast. And it also improves lots of build in applications and features such as notification system, text message with voice input, and face unlock.

The notification system is better than ever. Different from the old version, the new notification system introduce the music control which means you can set voice for the notifications. Meanwhile, the new notification system is much faster.

For the new text message, the on screen keyboard is not the only way to type message any more. Android 4.0 integrate the voice input engine to speed up your text message. I don’t have tried it yet and I don’t know whether it is also available for those un-native English speakers. 🙂

Another interesting feature of Android Ice Cream Sandwich is face unlock. This is the most amazing and interesting feature that I really want to try once I heard about it, especially when its demonstrate failed in their conference.

There are also some other exciting updates in core apps. The new android browser which improves the UI design a lot and it allows user to open up to 16 tabs concurrently. This makes the ice cream sandwich browser as the real multitasking mobile browser. And it also provides a powerful bookmark feature. Once you open the ice cream sandwich browser, it will automatically synchronize the bookmark with your laptop chrome browser.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich has a very good data usage control system. When you go to the setting panel, it will show you a visual chart from which you can easily know how much data you already used and the estimated usage of the end of current month. You can also find out which application is the data consuming monster. Basing on those information you can set data usage limitation to control your data budget when you are using a data plan.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich has a new NFC based application called “Android Beam”. It lets users share information between two NFC enabled smart phones. When the devices are in range, the NFC connection will be set up and we will get a sharing UI. With this new feature, we can share everything with friends such as contacts, videos, photo and applications.

In the next post, we will give the latest news about “How to update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich“.

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