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Each year in autumn, Apple has a tradition to surprise its fans with new devices, features, and new operating systems.

Thus Apple devices, including iPhones, have so many features that no matter if you purchased an iPhone yesterday or have been using it for two years, it is very unlikely that you don’t know all of the functionalities of this device.

To help you enjoy your Apple device even more, today, we want to share a list of 8 short tips & tricks about iPhones that you might not have known.

Tip #1: Bypass the Activation Lock

If you purchased a new iPhone or want to turn on an older one, you will need to know your iCloud password. This is needed for additional protection because more and more people store sensitive data on their iPhones and iPads.

However, if you purchased a used iPhone and cannot use it because you do not know the password for iCould or simply forgotten yours, you may need to work around the iphone activation lock bypass to access the smartphone.

Tip #2: Use the Home Button

As you know, the few past models of iPhones do not have a home button, which may have been difficult to get used to at first. Thus if you recently upgraded from an iPhone 7 to iPhone12, you may want to bring back the Home button.

To do so, open the Settings app, and navigate to the Accessibility options. Then, go to the Touch options and choose the Assistive Touch. This will create a small circle on the screen where the Home button used to be.

Tip #3: Turn on the Trackpad

Did you know that you can turn the keyboard of your iPhone into a trackpad? It can be extremely useful when you make a typo in your recent social media post and struggle to fix it.

By holding down the Spacebar on your touchscreen, you will enable the trackpad and will be able to place the cursor without any disruptions.

Tip #4: Switch Between Light & Dark Modes

Dark mode has been trending since Facebook Messenger launched the dak version of the app. Long-awaited, now iOS also has the dark mode, which can be a style statement or a healthy thing for your eyes if you use your phone a lot when it is dark. 

You can switch between the light and dark modes by opening the Setting app, going to the Display and Brightness options, and enabling the Dark mode. Also, you can choose to use both modes. When the sun sets, the iPhone will automatically turn to the Dark mode and vice versa.

Tip #5: Use a Virtual Tape

Another cool feature that the iPhone has is the Virtual Tape that can either measure the room you are in, certain objects that are in the room, or even the height of an actual human being.

To use the Virtual Tape, find the Measure app and follow its instructions. By using augmented reality, it will tell you the measurements of your desired objects by comparing them to the proportions of the surrounding.

Tip #6: Measure the Spirit Level

To hang a picture properly on a wall, you may want to use a level. But what if you do not have one at home? As long as you have an iPhone, you can measure the spirit level by using a single app.

To access the Level app, you will need to open the Measure app. Once you launch the Level application, simply place it on the object that you want to measure, and the result will appear on the screen.

Tip #7: Set a Timer for Music

If you like to listen to music on Spotify or podcast on YouTube before you fall asleep but avoid doing so because you do not want to be listening and wasting your battery all night long, now you can set a timer that will turn off any music you have turned at your desired time.

You can set the timer by opening the Clock app, setting a timer, scrolling to the bottom of the screen, and choosing “When Timer Ends.” Then, choose what you want to happen once the timer ends, which would be “Stop Playing” in this case.

Tip #8: Expand the Calculator

Have you ever caught yourself wanting to use the stationery calculator instead of the one you have on your iPhone while working at the office? If yes, it is probably because the Calculator on Apple devices does not have all of the functions that you need.

However, what many people do not know is that the iPhone Calculator has every function you might need, including sin, cos, tan, and many others. To access these functions, simply turn your phone into a landscape mode.

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  1. Nice post. But do you know how I can download the video I am working in Safari on my iPhone? Last time, I watched a fantastic video and I want save it locally but don’t know how. What I have done is add the page in my book mark. However, I still want to save it locally. Do you know how?

    1. Errr…It could be done, but not that easy. Have you tried to open the link in desktop browser? If you know chrome (as well as safari or firefox), you can use the development tool along with the browser to check the real video link. Then, you can copy the real video link to download the video.

      1. I am sorry. I am not a technical guy and I am afraid I don’t understand what you are saying. For example, what’s the development tool along with browser?

        Can you just give some tips to download video from iPhone?


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