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Yesterday I published a new post “8 Best iPhone Tips” and one of my readers ask for help. He want to save the videos which he was watching on the iPhone safari. For people who knows browsers or HTMl coding, saving a video from browser may just need severl clicks. But for people who like Johnny, actually they even don’t know what’s browser on iPhone.

For people like Johnny, the only way to find answer is Google. I simply type some questions in Google search and it gives me a bunch of similar questions look like this:

So I choose one of the most close tip in the dropdown window and Google gives me the most useful answer (the top #1 result with big summary). At least, I guess Google think this answer is the most valuable one. So I click on it and read the whole article.

After finishing reading the article, I just realize that the whole article is promoting the one online service website. There is even no one tip to help readers downloading the video from iPhone but keep asking readers to go to that website (I will not mention this website here).

Download Videos from Youtube

Actually, saving a streaming video in Safari is not that easy. It’s depending on where you are watching the video. For example, if you are watching video in youtube. You can go to KeepVid. I have been using this service for years. Very easy, convenient and totally free.

However, not all videos on Youtube are copyright free. According to the TOS of Youtube, users aren’t allowed to download videos from YouTube, unless the authors provide the download service. Therefore it’s very important to check the copyright before starting to download. Besides Youtube, Vimeo and are the top three stream video websites people loves to share, watch and download video from.

Download Movie on iPhone

If you are liking to watch movie online, then these are the top 3 sites to watch and download movies:

  • #1.

If you purchase the movie on Amazon, you are allowed to download it on your device. Amazon has a video streaming service Amazon Prime Video. It provides a low cost option for members to rent or buy movies.

  • #2.

It’s a very popular place to watch and download videos. People can watch videos after subscribing the membership. Also it allows people download videos offline.

  • #3.

It’s another popular site to enjoy the online streaming video. I am not using it before. According to some people’s comments, this website also enable you to download videos for offline watching.

Download Videos on Android

Google knows people are looking for tools to download videos from youtube. Video download is always a popular demand in the market. People may want to download “how to” tutorial videos and watch it when working and there is no time to search on the spot. It’s also possible to save data so people download songs, movies, and TV shows at home and watch on the bus.

There are thousands of scenarios and reasons for people download videos and save them offline. So Google release a tool, YouTube Go, enabling people to download videos on Android devices. With YouTube Go, you can:

  • Choose watch videos or download videos at beginning
  • Choose where to save videos, phone internal storage or external sd card
  • Watch offline videos at anytime and anyplace

There are lots of way to download streaming video from online to offline. No matter where you want to download the videos from, please pay attention on the copyright. Downloading copyright protected videos may put you into legal troubles. Therefore, reading the Terms of Service is very important and necessary.

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