Currently Google has officially launched an Android Jetpack Compose developer course, in which we can study how to use Jetpack Compose to build an Android app in the right way. Additionaly, after finishing the developer course, we can join a short test and there is an oppotunity to get a cute Android toy if we pass the test.

What’s the course?

The course is launched by Google, which can help beginners to understand what the Jetpack Compose is and how to use it to build a basic Android app. The course has 3 parts:

#1. Kotlin Introduction

There are 6 lessons in this part. This part will help beginners to know all needs before the course, for example a computer with internet access and Android studio. After that, we will follow the lesson to create our first app in Kotlin.

In this pare, I have learned some very interesting stuff, for example:

  • In the Kotlin, the function parameter is different from argument. Function parameter will the variable which can be accessiable inside the function, but the argument is the variable which is passed into the function. To be emphasized, the parameter cannot be reassigned in the funtion (if I do not missunderstand).
  • var vs val: one is variable and the other one is constant.
  • Unit: if the functiion doesn’t return anything, then it will return Unit type (like void in Java).

#2. Setup and Configure Android Studio

There are 5 lessons in this part. We will download and install the Android studio and create the first app in it. Finally, we can run the app in the emulate and real Android device.

#3. Build Basic Layout

In part 3, we will start to use Compose to build basic UI. We will learn to build a birthday card app with text field and image utility.

How to Join?

To join the course, we can access this entry point. In my page, the content is all in Chinese so I am using Chrome to translate the page in English. Lucky, when clicking into the lessons, all are English. So there is no difficulty to study the lessons.

By the way, please ensure to finish all courses and join the test before Auguest 27. Otherwise, you will miss the Android toys. Please keep in mind, you must pass the exam upto 70% or you will fail the exam.

Code Snapshot

Here is the example code while I am learning and playing in the Kotlin playground:

fun main() {
    val hello:Int = 2
    var world:Int = 2
    println("Hello, world! ${hello + world}")
    println("Hello, Android")
    println(getBird(numberOfBirds = world))

fun callBird(numberOfBirds:Int = 10):Unit {
    println("Hello ${numberOfBirds} birds!")

fun getBird(numberOfBirds:Int):String {
    return "Get ${numberOfBirds} birds!"

Get Toys

Want to get the toys but do not have time to take all the courses? Please don’t worry. I have pass the exam and record all the questions and answers. Pay $1.99 to get the cheat sheet and join the exam to win Android Toys now!

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