Currently, many people tell me that amazon is another way to make money online. For Adsense sites, there are too many risks and there are lots of dependence with Google. As I am new in the Adsense area, I can not say anything about it. But, if I can find another way to make more money, why not try it out?

Learning from my friend, I will start to do some homework first. For amazon site, the keywords or the niche is the king. Which product you choose, or what kind of keywords you use will determine if you can survive in this amazon affiliate game. There are some tips from my friends and I will use them as my guideline when I try to start my amazon adventure.

How to choose amazon keywords

Choose High Price Products with Good Reviews

The Amazon affiliate program give the referral rate 4%. If you choose some niches which don’t have very high search volume, it’s very hard for you to earn enough money. If you choose some products which cost more than $100, you can get $4 for each conversion. It will be worth to promote.

Sufficient Search Volume

How much search can be said “sufficient”? This is a good question. Actually this is depending on what your monthly target is and what product you choose. Low search volume with high price product keywords or high search volume with low price products will be easy for beginners.

Low Competitive

  1. Check if the keywords are in amazon title, links, or descriptions. If it is, you can change your keywords phrase. For example, the keywords in amazon title is “Red iPhone Cover”, then you can try “cheap red cover for iphone” or “iPhone cover in red color”.
  2. Do not choose best seller, because the best seller page will get huge amount of PR from inner page. And some of third-party affiliate sites will also give lots of backlink juice if they forget to use “nofollow” in their reference link.

How to build a testing amazon site

The reason Why I say it as a testing site is that I really don’t know if it will succeed. So I will start to build small sites first to figure out if my keywords are right. As my friends example, a mini site just cost him $40 to $80.

Site Size 5 Pages (with 600 to 1000 words for each page, but) $25 – $30
BackLink 5 to 20 $5 – $20
Domain Name Go Daddy 35% Off $7 – $9
Hosting Hawk Host $3.29/Month
Total $45 – $65

What does a successful amazon site look like?

A earning site which can cover your cost will be a successful site. Here I will give out a threshold to measure if the site will earn enough money.

Site Size 5 Pages
Rank Top 3
Monthly Earning  $50
Unique Visitors Monthly 1200 (40 per day)
Amazon Ad Click Monthly 600
Click Rate 50%
Amazon Sales 30
Convert Rate 5%

Actually this is one of my friend’s site data. But it is a very good example to become a water mark to measure the progress. The only unideal thing is that it is a two years old site.

Get it started: register a domain name

To building a website, you have to register a domain name first. I choose GoDaddy as my domain name provider, because it provides a very cheap price. I can get 30% to 35% discount when I register there. GoDaddy also provides a very easy domain name management interface. It is very suitable for newbie. When you want to register a domain name, please don’t forget use the coupon code, it will give you 35% discount.


Choose a Fast and Solid WebHost

Web host is very important. The quality of the web host will guarantee the user experience in your website, which has a significant effect on conversion rate. The loading speed of your website also affect the rank of your site. For webhost, I suggest Hawk Host, just because it provides a solid hosting service. I have used it for 3 years and host all my websites there. And it has never been down. The most important reason is their hosting fee is very cheap, $3.29 per month.

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    1. Hi Viso,

      The data is from the real site. 50% click through rate means user click the link to amazon page. And it is doable.

  1. In your example you used cheap red cover for iPhone. Can you use that as your keyword rich domain since it’s a brand name?

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