Make An Admob to Google Adsense Transition

On March 3, 2012, in Android, by James Liu

Today, I get an email from Google Admob Ads developers email listing. One friend mentioned that the Google Admob for smartphone web will transition to Google Adsense. I think this is a good news for Website monetization management. But it will also cause some problems for those people who monetize their flash implemented iphone and android application. If you have tried to put Admob ads in flash based iphone or android application, you will know that the actual Admob ads is not built in the applications. Ads part is host on an empty html page which has only Admob html ads code. So to show the Admob ads in appliation, we will implement a StageWebView which can load html page to show the ads. This implementation looks quite ok from that time to now. But after the transition from Admob to Google Adsense, I doubt if this way will still work, or it will bring some risk to your monetization applications.

When I got the email, the first thing I did was logging in to my Admob account and check how many Admob for smartphone ads units I have. Because the first thing developers need to do is changing all Admob ads code to their adsense ads code. If you have only a few Admob ads units, it will easy for you to migrate. But if you have a bunch of ads units, I think it will take time to make the transition. The following is the message which will also show in your Admob Sites & Apps reports panel:

We are simplifying our suite of products by transitioning AdMob mobile web publishers to Google AdSense. Starting May 1, 2012 support for mobile web sites on AdMob will be discontinued and you must have a Google AdSense account to monetize mobile web sites. More information is available here.

But code migration is not the most concern of mine. If you use Adsense as one of your monetization methods, you will understand my concern. Just now, I mentioned that many flash developers load an empty html but only has ads code inside to show Admob ads in flash application. The problem is that if it will also work well after we change to Adsense code.

As I know, the adsense will fill their ads basing on the page content. So what will happened if we just put a piece of adsense code in an empty html page? Yes, it will also show the ads. But if there are hundreds of people click your ads in the empty html page, will it break adsense policy and terms of usage? And if it will, what will happen on your Adsense Account? I think everyone knows the end of the story.

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