Google New Algorithm Knocked Me Out Of Game

On April 25, 2012, in Make Money Online, by James Liu

Today Google search team announced a new update for the search engine algorithm. As their claim, the new algorithm is targeted at those webspam and encourage people to deliver high quality website and valuable content. As a result, my main earning sites are ranked out of top 30, which means I am almost out of this search game. The latest google analytics data is not updated yet. But I think it will drop a little. I get the news about this new google search algorithm update at around 2pm April 24. I estimate that the traffic of today, 24 April 2012, will drop by 50% or more.

How To Recover From This Algorithm Changing?

Currently, I don’t have any ideas to recover my sites. According to google’s announcement, the goal of this changes is to improve the user searching experience and provide them what they want. To accomplish this goal, it is necessary to clean up all ranked sites which just pursuit of higher rankings and traffic and don’t give users any benefit. This kind of sites usually looks for shortcuts to make them ranked higher. And some of them will use webspam techniques such as keyword stuffing or link schemes. So I think the best way to recover from this situation is making your sites valuable. Get rid of all these webspam techniques and get the trust from google new algorithm.

What’s the plan next?

Yes, the answer is creating high quality sites with valuable content. Google do their innovation in every minute. They don’t stop their step and continue to improve their search result quality. To earn money with Google, I really need to learn the real things, not just webspam techniques. I will wait to get the more data from my analytics for these days. With this data, I will estimate the damage which the new algorithm made. And then make the decision for my next step.

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