Yesterday I mentioned that Google applied their latest search engine algorithm and it make a big effects on my sites. This new algorithm is named “webspam algorithm change”. And it does a nice job to clean up my sites from the SERPs. Now I have a whole day data to analyze. I will not update all my sites because Google may fine tune their algorithm as well. When the changes get stable, I will come back to check my sites data.

As a result of webspam algorithm change, one of my site already dropped from the SERPs. With several frustrated search, I finally find the footprint of my site in page 15. And the result page link is not the link I targeted before. That means this new algorithm already added my previous link in the black list for this keywords, which I did lots of backlinks on. And it is treated as link schemes which is one of the webspam methods. And the traffic of today dropped by 80% and the income of this sites dropped by 80% as well.

google analytics after google algorithm changes
google analytics after google algorithm changes

Currently no one knows how to make sites recover from this situation. And it may keep in this situation forever. So I decide to pick up one site for a test. I will clean up all the backlinks which I can control and change the site structure a little bit. I will make the sites look like a information site instead of a common blog. And after that, I will submit my site to google for reconsideration. Hopefully, it will work.

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