Automatic Subscription from Admob Ads

On August 1, 2012, in Android, by James Liu

For android phone and android tablet users, we need to be careful for clicking advertisement in our android apps. You may be charged without any permission or confirmation after clicking some advertisement. In some worse case, it may automatically subscribes to some value add services from your local telecom company. For services providers, this kind of AdMob ads against the term of use of AdMob and auto-subscription maybe illegal depending on local law. For common users, it can be a very irritating experience. Usually we can not get our money back when we find out we are charged without permission. This is not a assumption. It just happened in India. This is the snapshot of that Ads

Automatic Subscription Ads

Automatic Subscription Ads

Two days ago, I got one email from a former Google employee. I will not publish all content from his email, but I will tell you how it happened to automatically subscribe to a certain value-add service. In his email, he mentioned one image ad from Admob, which is titled as “model video club”, “south sizzlers”, “model videos”, and “subscribe Rs 99” with an actress/model picture inside. If you phone is from Airtel, the largest India phone network, it will automatically charge you $2.00 and subscribe to a value added service from Airtel with Rs99 automatically once you click the ads. No matter you are prepaid user or contract line. As his description:

there is no confirmation screen!! If the ad is tapped, a webpage opens (one of the ips used: ), $2 is immediately deducted and monthly subscription started.

This ad is already reported to AdMob Team. Hopefully, it will be disabled as soon as possible. For our common customers, we need to be careful to use our android phone and tablet. We need to keep eyes on our mobile account balance and phone bill.

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