When we check your AdMob income statements, we always find that the fill rate is never reach 100%. Even after we set our AdMob ads to use keyword targeted ads and Google certified ad networks to improve fill rate, the ads are still filled at a rate between 92% to 97%. For example, I have three apps which are using AdMob ads, the fill rate in the past three month are 92.72%, 96.70% and 98.46%.

To maximize the ads fill rate, AdMob introduces AdMob Ad network mediation, which works with Adfonic, AdMob, BrightRoll, Hunt Mobile Ads, iAd, InMobi, Jumptap, Millennial Media and MobFox. We can use custom events to display ads from other ad networks which are not supported in adMob Ad Network Mediation. Not only the banner size, it also mediates interstitial formats and tablet size formats on all Android device, iPhone and iPad.

When we start to integrate with any third party ad network, we have to include the certain third party SDK jar, as well as the third party adapter jar in our project. Different from AdMob ads, the mediation placement require to choose the platform and set the ad format or ad size when we are creating a AdMob Mediation placement.

Add Network Mediation Placement Page
Add Network Mediation Placement Page

If we create a AdMob mediation placement with 320×50 ad banner and we request a Full banner ads which is 468×60, we will get following error:

iOS – Failed to fetch interstitial ad: Unable to request an interstitial when server configuration was for kGADAdSizeBanner.
Android – onFailedToReceiveAd(There was an internal error.)

After we created a new AdMob Ad Networks Mediation placement, we can add featured ads network to it.

Add Ad Networks
Add Ad Networks

In the feature posts, I will show you how to add Adfonic, AdMob, BrightRoll, Hunt Mobile Ads, iAd, InMobi, Jumptap, Millennial Media and MobFox ad networks into AdMob Ad Network Mediation placement.

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