I am James Liu, the owner of JMSLIU.COM. I have been in the software industry for more than 7 years. Starting from sever side programming language like PHP and C# to front end programming language like HTML, javascript, Flash/Flex, Object-C and Java for Android, I have played several roles in the past few years. The software industry keeps changing. As a software engineer, I am open-minded to accept the challenge all the time.

If you don’t want to talk about software, programming, or technology. Then, you can find me on my tumblr page, James Liu’s Zone, it records more real stories in my life.


JMSLIU.COM is my personal website to share my experience in my software development career. I am writing development tutorials to help people to solve their problems. All tutorials and source code are under GNU GPL v2. The goal of this website is to help you save time on small nasty problems, so that you can focus all your effort on your main project.

My Next Plan

Currently, I am developing the JMS Digital Goods Ecommerce Platform. At the beginning, it is just a php script to help me deliver source code to my customers. Now it is strong enough to become an ecommerce platform. It is a simple system to publish the digital goods on your website and help you make money on the side. It will deal with the delivery jobs so you don’t have any trouble even when your customers make payment when you are sleeping. The system is ready to help people like you and me. If you are interested in selling your digital products, you can get contact with me for any help.

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