5 Tips to Clean Hacked Joomla Website

This is my first time to realize how important to keep a website secure. Actually, it is my second time as my another WordPress website got hacked several months ago, and I posted an article “5 Steps to Clean Hacked WordPress Website” to share how I clean my WordPress website from hacking. But this time, the job is much tougher. Joomla is more complicated than WordPress (of course more powerful). Therefore, clean a hacked Joomla website become a very annoying job.
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Linux Cloud Server Configuration Handbook

Cloud computing is famous since early 2000. Now it becomes to be necessary for any companies who want to host a website, run an online service, or start e-commerce business. To cut the cost, Linux will be the first choice, just because it is powerful but free. However, for people like me who don’t have any experience with Linux server, it could be a little bit hard to handle. I think it will be helpful to share my 3 days experience on Linux cloud server.
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China 101 Guide for Business: Build Website in China

China now becomes to be the 2nd world’s largest economies, and no one can ignore this huge market. Though the internet can expend the business cross the border, there are still lots of difficulties when we are doing online business targeting to Chinese market.

When I stayed in Singapore, the biggest problem for online business targeted China market is always the accessibility. This was a headache problem at that time. I setup a website to sale stuff to Chinese. However, my website was not reachable from China. After investigating the problem, my website hosting IP is banned by Chinese government. The fact is because of some policy issues, people inside China may not be able to access all websites out of China.

To make my website accessible, I switch to a Hong Kong hosting service. Then the second problem came out. The second problem for online business is connection speed. The slow connection speed will significantly affect the user experience when customers access the website from China.
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4 Tools You Must Have to Draw or Paint on a Graphics Tablet

If you’ve been practicing your art since before the age of modern digital art tools, you likely remember that the “old” way of getting your art onto a computer program for editing involved drawing it on a piece of paper, scanning it, and then having to trace your artwork using a computer mouse and the art program. Today, however, graphics tablets have changed everything. They make it possible to create digital art right into your computer art program, utilizing tablet technology to transfer art you draw onto the tablet into the program itself. If you are planning on drawing or painting on a graphics tablet, you’ll need for basic tools. Let’s take a closer look at the 4 tools you’ll need to get started.
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Top Rated Affordable Drawing Graphics Tablets Comparison

Last time, we make a list of best drawing graphics tablets. But the tablets in this list may not be suitable for everyone. As the best drawing graphics tablet could be very expensive, especially for students and amateurs. Therefore, we decide to make a new list for the most affordable drawing graphics tablets. And we have found two of the most practical options for those who want to try out this technology for the first time without hurting their pocket.
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