3 iphones

8 Best iPhone Tips & Tricks to Try

Each year in autumn, Apple has a tradition to surprise its fans with new devices, features, and new operating systems.

Thus Apple devices, including iPhones, have so many features that no matter if you purchased an iPhone yesterday or have been using it for two years, it is very unlikely that you don’t know all of the functionalities of this device.

To help you enjoy your Apple device even more, today, we want to share a list of 8 short tips & tricks about iPhones that you might not have known.

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joomla components

Joomla Extensions vs Components vs Modules vs Plugins

Joomla is a very powerful CMS with high scalability. Last time, I mentioned about WordPress vs Joomla in Joomla 4 news. That may not be 100% precisely true. But for my perspective, Joomla is a very suitable platform to build multi-functional site with thousands of extensions support.

In one simple comment, Joomla extension is similer with WordPress plugin, but the more complicated thing is, Joomla extension have several types, while WordPress has only one type.

In WordPress, everything is plugin. But in Joomla, it’s called the “extension”. The extension could be a component, a module or a plugin. To make it easier to understand, I move a picture from Joomla document.

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Docker Tips for Beginners

This is my first time to write a post for docker, and I hope it wouldn’t be the last. The reason why I write this docker tutorial is because of a small project. Yes, a small project which need to be deployed by docker. It takes me 6 hours to learn docker and use it to deploy Python project and Java project. Besides that, the project need to read a configuration file from a fixed location in the file system (inside Docker envoriment). Basing on the deploy envorinment, the configuration file is different. For example, configuration file for development and production is totally different. For security reason and easy management, all configuration files are hosted on a remote server. So when running the docker, we shall download the corresponding configuration file from the remote server by passing the arguments in the docker command line. Here I will not repeat what’s the Docker and what benefits we can get from Docker, as you can get all the information from Docker homepage. In this post, I will describe how to make a docker image which can expect outside arguments. And this time, I will host all the source code on my public git. Hope it will help you to solve your problem within 6 minutes.
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iptables make server safe

Use IPTables/Netfilter to Make Server Safer

Yesterday, I found two of my cloud servers had been hacked. The servers’ CPU was always 100% and I found a suspicious process. After terminating the suspicious process, the system got back normal and CPU was no longer 100%. However, the suspicious process came back and CPU was 100% again. So I cleaned the whole system by checking my ssh public-key authentication file, cron job, deleting all malicious files and stopping all unnecessary services. I was watching the system whole day and the virus didn’t come back.
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