how to use amazon reviews

How to Get Amazon Reviews to Improve Product?

If you want to get better sales, the best way is getting more positive reviews on Amazon. Most sellers are searching safe ways to receive positive reviews from Amazon customers. Just because the more positive reviews they get, the higher ranking will the products get. Therefore, more and more sellers are buying fake reviews from the internet. However, Amazon is not silly. The managers punish the vendors by reducing their products ranking, or banning their account forever.

It is truly right that the reviews can help sales, especially for positive reviews. But buying fake reviews is not the correct way. If you want to get better reviews, the honest way is making your products better. There are several methods you can follow , and one of them is finding your targeting customers what they want. Then, your question is changing to how to find your customers needs. This article will give some suggestions.
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Copy Folders from Remote Linux to Local Windows

I don’t have time to write tutorials for a long time. Sometimes it’s too busy for me, but most of the time, I was just too lazy to write. Today, I will share a simple bash script which helps to copy the folder with thousands of files from remote Linux to my Windows laptop. First, it’s usually running a batch file (.bat file) on Windows, but I am not familiar with batch file. For executing Linux bash script on Windows, there are lots of way. I am using the “Git Bash” which is installed when I install the Git client in Windows.
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Build J2EE Project with Maven Spring Boot and Mybatis

There is no end to learning. This time, I just have a small step on J2EE, although it’s actually not a very new technology. J2EE starts from 1999, was known as Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition. Now it was the most popular platform to develop enterprise applications, especially to develop big platforms. I am a full stake developer who knows html5, javascript, php, mysql, Java and Python. Somebody may think that Java is J2EE. That comment is totally wrong. As my understand, Java is just a programme language, which is used to develop Android apps or Java applications, or J2EE applications. J2EE is a platform. On the platform, we can take the advantage of several frameworks to develop a stable, solid, robust and professional applications, with fewer efforts. When I am writing this article, most J2EE developers are using Spring Boot and Mybatis with Mysql to develop website applications. If the application is more sophisticated, it will also involve other technology such as Redis, Memcached, or Kafka seperately or together. In this post, I will just try to setup an J2EE application with String Boot and Mybatis. For database, I will use MySQL.
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Where Can I Buy a Stylus Pens for Tablets

A stylus pen is a special type of “pen” designed for use with a mobile device, such as a smart phone, tablet or touch screen computer. Stylus pens come in many different styles, materials and price ranges; they are considered an essential tool for anyone who wants to use their tablet or mobile device for anything more than a few touch-screen games. Stylus pens are ideal for doing work, drawing or working in art programs, as well as browsing the internet, gaming and general use.
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