4 Tools You Must Have to Draw or Paint on a Graphics Tablet

On October 20, 2016, in Android Phone and Tablet, by James Liu

If you’ve been practicing your art since before the age of modern digital art tools, you likely remember that the “old” way of getting your art onto a computer program for editing involved drawing it on a piece of paper, scanning it, and then having to trace your artwork using a computer mouse and the art program. Today, however, graphics tablets have changed everything. They make it possible to create digital art right into your computer art program, utilizing tablet technology to transfer art you draw onto the tablet into the program itself. If you are planning on drawing or painting on a graphics tablet, you’ll need for basic tools. Let’s take a closer look at the 4 tools you’ll need to get started.
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Top Rated Affordable Drawing Graphics Tablets Comparison

On October 2, 2016, in Android Phone and Tablet, by James Liu

Last time, we make a list of best drawing graphics tablets. But the tablets in this list may not be suitable for everyone. As the best drawing graphics tablet could be very expensive, especially for students and amateurs. Therefore, we decide to make a new list for the most affordable drawing graphics tablets. And we have found two of the most practical options for those who want to try out this technology for the first time without hurting their pocket.
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Top Drawing Graphics Tablet Review: Ugee 1910B

On September 15, 2016, in Android Phone and Tablet, by James Liu

Drawing graphic tablets have become very popular these days, especially among art enthusiasts. Instead of using a paper and a pencil, artists can now use a special pen-like stylus to hand-draw graphics, animations and images. Hence, you can now hand-draw your design directly on the tablet screen. This makes the design work more amazing.
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Top Drawing Graphics Tablet Review: Wacom Cintiq Drawing Tablet with Display

On September 1, 2016, in Android Phone and Tablet, by James Liu

Nowadays, artists have the opportunity to enjoy their craft through a natural creative experience while working directly on the screen, thanks for interactive pen displays tablets and tablet styluses. With these tools, it will be easier to bring out the creativity of us. We can sketch and draw or edit digital photos on the screen directly. Anyone can showcase one’s talent with each single strokes of the interactive pen. Interactive pen display tablets have been used by 3D sculptors, animators, illustrators and designers. With the latest designing technology, we will enjoy our work even more.
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Top Drawing Graphics Tablet Review Huion Professionals Graphics Monitor

On August 28, 2016, in Android Phone and Tablet, by James Liu

As a digital artist, drawing tablets are an essential tool of the trade. Over the years, I have used my fair share of tablets for drawing and graphic illustration—some tablets have been great, others have been duds, and a select few have been exceptional. I recently remarked to a friend that I was in the market for a new tablet, and he recommended trying something new: a drawing graphics tablet with screen, which can be used with a computer or laptop. While a drawing tablet transfers the image from your tablet screen to the computer screen, with a drawing graphics monitor you are drawing right onto the computer—essentially making this a drawing graphics tablet with visual display, rather than a “blind” regular drawing tablet.
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