Dragon Touch Y88X Tablet Review 2016

Looking for good Android Tablets Under $50? Your search days are over for good. This is a right place where you can find the cheapest tablet worth to buy. The Dragon Touch Y88X tablet is the one you have been looking for. Android Tablets Under $50 are seldom loaded with such exciting features that the Dragon Touch Y88X tablet comes with. We dig further into the details for better understanding of this gadget.
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Tablets with USB Port Review 2016

This is always the right place to find the tablets with USB port. In this year, we have more options to get more powerful but much cheaper tablets than last year. Among these new tablets, USB port is still the main port to be used for charging, connecting and transferring data. If you want to find a suitable one, this “tablets with USB port reviews” may give you some helpful information.
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4 Best Drawing Graphic Tablets for Graphic Designers 2015

New Update: Best Graphics Tablet Review 2016
Today, graphic tablets are easily the standard tool for professional and hobby artists alike. With a drawing tablet, it is possible to make coloring, altering and otherwise manipulating art faster, easier, and more professional looking.

There are many different drawing tablets, many of which have different features, tools, prices and even experience/user levels! For example: drawing tablets for more experienced artists—and tablet users—often have a lot more features, but these features can be difficult to use or understand for beginners. More expensive tablets also often have more features and artist-friendly functions, although there are plenty of budget-friendly tablets that are more than capable of getting the job done. Some tablets have compact screen sizes, while others have larger screen sizes; each screen size may be beneficial for some artists, but a detriment to others!

Let’s take a look at the 4 best drawing graphic tablets for graphic designers, whether they are beginners, on a modest budget, or are looking for something exceptional.
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Huion Painting Drawing Pen Graphics Tablet Review 2015

Graphics tablets are an essential tool for modern artists, whether you prefer digital art or not. But there is a big problem that we artists face when it comes time to buy a new tablet: there are just so many options! There are hundreds of different graphics tablets to choose from on the market, and making that ultimate choice can be hard.

I have used my fair share of graphic tablets over the years, ranging from budget models to very expensive, professional-grade brands. The tablet we will be looking at today is the Huion Painting Drawing Graphics tablet, which most artists would consider as a budget drawing tablet model as it retails for just $76.99. I have used the tablet for several days now and I hope that my observations will help other people in making a decision about buying the Huion tablet.
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