10 Free Android Live Wallpapers

It is all well and good having a stationary background on our Android device. However, Android can do so much better than this. We have the ability to make that home screen come alive with animated wallpapers. They look absolutely stunning! So I decide to create my own Android live wallpaper app and share all example source code after I finish it. I may write some tutorials about how to create Android Live Wallpaper apps. Before that, I have found several free Android Live Wallpaper apps out there at the moment. I want to share with you ten of my favorite.
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Android Load Images And Set Wallpaper

New Update Version 1.3:

  • Move Set Wallpaper Menu on Action Bar for Android 3.0 and later
  • Add Toast message when wallpaper is set successfully

In the last android example code, I have shown you how to download images with Progress Dialog and save images in local on Android. After downloading the image, I preview the image in a new activity. In this example, I will show you how to load the image from local and set it as wallpaper in Android. It is also the last job of my Android Wallpaper App. To complete this job, I will attach a menu on the activity. After you click on set wallpaper menu item, the new wallpaper will be set as current image.

This Android Wallpaper App example includes four tutorials:

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Admob Account and Google Play Account

Without Google Play account, you can still monetize your Android App with Admob. It is because the Admob account doesn’t have any relationship with Google Play account, though both of them belong to Google. Google Play is just a distribution channel for you to release your app in front of millions of Android users. Google Play can provide you a huge number of downloads and installations. Without it, you lost the oppotunity to make money from Google Play, but you can still release your app in other platform, for example, a website.
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Android Save And Load Downloading File Locally

This is the session 3 of Android Wallpaper App tutorial. In my last android tutorial, I have shown an example to download images from internet. After downloading complete, I save the images into internal app folders, which can only access by this app. In most case, developers want to save the downloaded file in external storage, for example, sd card. Hence, I decide to start this topic here. In this android example, I will cover following topics:

  • How to save file in android internal temp folder?
  • How to save file in android internal app folder?
  • How to save file in external storage like sd-card?
  • How to load file from external storage like sd-card?

This example will base on my last android tutorial app, Android Wallpaper Manager app. In this app, I will download the wallpaper and save it locally. There are two purpose to saving images offline. First is caching the images locally so that it will load fast next time. Second is saving the wallpapers which users like so that they can use them as wallpaper later.

This Android Wallpaper App example includes four tutorials:

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Android Progress Dialog Example

Several days ago, I wrote an Android wallpaper app example. In that example, I am using AsyncTask to download the wallpaper and using a Progress Dialog to track the download progress. But some friends have problem reading the source code because there are two many other functions inside. Therefore, I decide to write a new Android Progress Dialog example separately. In this android example, I will put a button on the stage. So users click the button and it will show Android progress dialog to download an image. After download complete, the progress dialog positive button will appear. Users can click the button to dismiss the progress dialog and show the downloaded image on the stage.

Try Example Android App

You can click the following link to download and install this android example app on your phone and tablet. Or you can scan the following QR code.

Download and Run This Example on Your Android Phone

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