Android Download Image with Progress Dialog Example

This is the session 2 of Android Wallpaper App tutorial. In last tutorial, we talked about how to use android gridview to show a list of wallpaper thumbnails. In this tutorial, I will show you how to download a image with a progress dialog. In this wallpaper app example, I already get a list of available wallpaper images. When I click any of thumbnail images, it will start to download the real image from internet and show a progress dialog to trace the downloading progress. Here is screenshot about the final result. You can also download the source code for free and run this example on your own android phones or tablets.

This Android Wallpaper App example includes four tutorials:

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Android GridView Example in Real Wallpaper App

These days I am working on an Android Wallpaper app tutorial. In this android wallpaper app example source code, I will list all available wallpaper thumbnail images in two modes. In the list mode, I will show all wallpaper image in a list with their information like download counter and votes. In the grid mode, I will list all wallpapers in a gridview. In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a GridView in an activity and how to generate all image item in a GridView in android. After all, you can download this example app and example source code to use in your own project.

This Android Wallpaper App example includes four tutorials:

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Sell Apps With Right Price

When we want to release an app to sell, how much to sell it is always the problem we are facing all the time. Someone says it doesn’t matter because the sales will be good if the app is great and useful. I really doubt about it. The following example will show you the price really does matter the sales.

This is one of my Android app sales report. It is a very simple app which I am not pay too much attention on marketing it. I published it at my website page two months ago. I priced it as $9.99. After one month, there are 313 people have viewed this products, and I got only one sales. Here is the sale data for you to refer.

App View in July
App View in July
Sales Report in July
App Views 313
App Trial Installation 29
App Sales at $9.99 1
Sales Conversion Rate %0.3

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Android Phone Tablet Screen Size and Density

Because of varieties of screen size and density of Android phone, it is very hard for Android developers and Android UI designers to work on Android devices. To create an Android app, we try to do our best to make it compatible as many Android devices as possible. Therefore, I think it is necessary to summarize an Android device screen size and density table to help android developers and designers to check from time to time. This table doesn’t cover all the android phones and tablets.

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RSS Reader Android App Tutorial 5: Show WebSite Content in WebView

New Update Version 2.92:

  • Improve drag down to refresh content
  • Enable/disable page navigation function
  • Fix app crash bug
  • Add Google Play Library
  • Add Interstitial Ads

New Update Version 2.4:

  • Change to load content from link by default
  • Add more comment in source code
  • Fix SimpleDateFormatter “Unparseable Date” bug: this bug will cause European users cannot load the rss content;
  • Add AdMob 6.4.1 module to help you monetize your app;
  • Add Google Analytics V2 module to help you trace installation;
  • Fix WebView webpage not available bugs

Show rss content is the last task for Rss Reader Android App. In this android code example, I will create a new Activity class to handle the presentation. Normal Rss feed content is HTML formatted. So I prefer to use WebView to show RSS content instead of TextView. In the following Android WebView example, I will show you how to switch activities programmatically, pass data from one activity to another activity, and show HTML content on WebView.
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