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Joomla Extensions vs Components vs Modules vs Plugins

Joomla is a very powerful CMS with high scalability. Last time, I mentioned about WordPress vs Joomla in Joomla 4 news. That may not be 100% precisely true. But for my perspective, Joomla is a very suitable platform to build multi-functional site with thousands of extensions support.

In one simple comment, Joomla extension is similer with WordPress plugin, but the more complicated thing is, Joomla extension have several types, while WordPress has only one type.

In WordPress, everything is plugin. But in Joomla, it’s called the “extension”. The extension could be a component, a module or a plugin. To make it easier to understand, I move a picture from Joomla document.

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Our platform is now available on every device

Making your website full responsive, just like our website, which will be available on every device. If you are coding guy, you need to know how to make website fully responsive with HTML5 and CSS3. If you don’t know programming, but just want to let your website can work on both desktop (wide screen) and mobile (small and narrow screen), then you’d better use a fully responsive template for your website.

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6 Tools to Make Javascript Development Easily

From last week, I started my new journey of web application development. After I finished a React/Flux web application example, I think it is necessary to summarize some good web application development experience. In this article, I will introduce 6 great tools to help you accelerate Javascript application development. If you have rich Javascript application development experience, this article will be too basic for you. But you are still welcome to give us more good suggestions.
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New Journey of Web Application Development

With 10 years development experience, I just feel a little bit tired on programming career. In the past 10 years, there are several frontend technologies which are created and promoted by companies. From 2006 to present, I have used several technologies including Openlaszlo (an open soruce platform for development of RIA), Flex, Flash, PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Android, and iOS Objective-C and Swift. I waste almost 5 years on RIA development with flash based technologies.
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