Get People Name and Phone Number from Contact by Swift

It’s time to learn Swift. After Swift first release in 2014, now more and more people start using Swift as their program language in iOS. Therefore, I decide to use Swift in my current project, loading people first name, last name and phone number from contact. This will be a good project to learn Swift from beginning.

When we create new project in Xcode, it will use Swift language by default. The only different between Objective-c and Swift is there is no .h and .m file any more. There is only one .swift file which we can declare class inside. In my new project, there is only two .swift file. One is AppDelegate.swift; the other one is ViewController.swift. All my logic to get people information from contact are in ViewController.swift. Now, I will start to show you how to get people first name, last name, and phone number from contact. All example source code will use swift.
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Swift or Objective-C Which One Shall I Choose?

As an Apple developer, Swift or Objective-C, which language shall I choose? This is a very good question. Even as an experienced apple developer, it is always hard to decide. As the first time, Apple announced swift language at 2014. And now it is much stronger. In 2015, Swift is open source. Either you are an experienced apple developer who are expert on Objective-C, or you are a beginner who want to learn programme on Apple platform, it is time to watch on Swift. As I always say, the best lesson for learning a new skill is doing something real. Therefore, I decide to write my next ios Apple by Swift. Before I release my first Swift project tutorial on my website, I will write down some basic learning points which I have learned from my first Swift project.

My first Swift tutorial is released: Get People Name and Phone Number from Contact by Swift
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Select and Upload Multiple Photos from Gallery or Camera in iOS

Select and upload photos is one of the most use cases in iPhone and iPad apps. Taking a picture and upload to your Facebook, or share it with your friends in Snapchat, it just looks very common. There are lots of iPhone apps which allow you to upload photos and write reviews. In return, you will get discount from your reviews. In this kind of iOS apps, selecting and uploading a single or multiple photos from gallery or camera become very necessary. In this tutorial, I will show you how to select photos in iPhone gallery, and upload the selected photos to server.
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