iPhone Rss Reader App IOS Tutorial 1: StoryBoard UI Programming

Latest Update: Change the RSS Reader App to Read Twitter RSS Feed
Latest Update: Add Google AdMob in Rss Reader App

The best way to study new technology is learning from examples. The best example is a real app which is meaningful and useful. Among several features I’ve done in past few fews, I think any one feature can be a very good example for beginner to learn. Therefore, I decide to create some real apps which will serve very simple but useful functions.

In this IOS developer tutorial, I will create a RSS feed reader step by step. It will cover several IOS development knowledge:

Several weeks ago, I wrote an post, IOS Object C Storyboard Programming Tips For iPhone and iPad, which already covers some knowledge about StoryBoard UI programming. This time, I will use the storyboard to create an UITableViewController. In this tutorial, we will cover following topics:

  • how to build iPhone App in Storyboard
  • how to connect UI in storyboard with class file
  • how to show content in table view cell dynamically

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Pull Down to Refresh Free IOS App Components

The pull down to refresh effect is widely used in many famous iPhone and iPad Apps. Both Facebook and twitter are using this way to let their users update coming news. It becomes to be the most common way to refresh data. This iPhone app tutorial will guide Object-C programmers to add the pull down to refresh feature in UIScrollView, UITableView, and UITableViewController. In IOS Object-C, UITableView inherits from UIScrollView. Therefore, it is the same concept to add pull down to refresh in UIScrollView and UITableView.
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AdMob Stopped Test Ads Service on IOS 6

Recently, AdMob stopped their test ads services on IOS 6 apps. The reason is that AdMob team found an issue when test ads were serving on live apps which were built with request.testing = YES, on IOS 6. I don’t know what the critical issue is, but I just remember that there are several feedback about memory usage and app crashes on IOS6 in AdMob email list. AdMob will plan to add support for test ads on IOS6 devices in the next version of AdMob SDK.
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Create FaceBook App Like Login UI Animation in iPhone

Facebook iPhone app login UI looks like to be the standard login UI for iPhone application. No matter how big the screen resolution is, the iPhone screen is small. Especially when we start to type in our user name and password, the screen keyboard will occupy half of the screen. The Facebook app login UI gives a very good solution for small screen.

Facebook Login UI
Facebook Login UI

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