How to Avoid iPhone iPad App Rejection From App Store

In these fews days, I am working on my iphone apps. Currently, we are almost in the last stage. We need to prepare all the material to submit our app to Apple App Store. Before submitting, I pay attention on the Apple Store Review Guidelines. I find my app may breaks some of the rules and that may cause my iPhone app being rejected by Apple app store. I think it is time to learning the Apple Rules and it is even more important than developing the apps.
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How to Add AdMob Interstitial Ads in Your Android Apps

Sometimes, the Banner Ads are too small to monetize your apps maximally. One reason is that Banner Ads are too small. Because of this, the click rate is quit low even the fill rate are near 100%. Banner Ads size are limited in 4 types:

Admob Banner Ads Size
Size Device
320 x 50 Phones and Tablets
300 x 250 Tablets
468 x 60 Tablets
728 x 90 Tablets

To increase the click through rate, there is an alternative ads type to choose. Interstitials, rich HTML 5 experiences ads, can present a full screen ads immediately on your phone and tablet screen. Without the size limitations, the interstitial ads make them more expensive and subjects to impression constraints. The bigger ads size is, the more expensive it is, the higher click through rate and you earn more from your apps. The following example will show you how to add interstitial ads in your android apps.
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Latest Google Algorithm Changes Make My Sites Disappeared

Yesterday I mentioned that Google applied their latest search engine algorithm and it make a big effects on my sites. This new algorithm is named “webspam algorithm change”. And it does a nice job to clean up my sites from the SERPs. Now I have a whole day data to analyze. I will not update all my sites because Google may fine tune their algorithm as well. When the changes get stable, I will come back to check my sites data.
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Google New Algorithm Knocked Me Out Of Game

Today Google search team announced a new update for the search engine algorithm. As their claim, the new algorithm is targeted at those webspam and encourage people to deliver high quality website and valuable content. As a result, my main earning sites are ranked out of top 30, which means I am almost out of this search game. The latest google analytics data is not updated yet. But I think it will drop a little. I get the news about this new google search algorithm update at around 2pm April 24. I estimate that the traffic of today, 24 April 2012, will drop by 50% or more.
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Rank 1st is Not The Good Choice For Passive Income

I have made a top position travel for last three month, and it finished yesterday. All my sites dropped from the first position in Google search rank. And my income had a significantly reduced. I just hit the $1k target with Adsense sites once and everything changed so fast. If ranking No.1 is a short time success, then it is time to think how to make a passive income site for long time.

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